Thursday, 3 March 2011

March Goals

Last month was excellent profit wise (+$717) but over half of that is very unlikely to happen again as it was from a tourney cash and a degen session at $400 Rush…

This month I have to get back to grinding, I only expect to be playing $50 Rush and $50 Full Ring, carrying on my trend for buying in for 50bb’s – I want to log a lot of hands this month so I have a decent sample to see whether it works or not, with this is mind my March Goals are

30k hands
Gold Iron Man Status
$400 Profit
1 Decent Tourney Cash

I also have 2 weeks of Cardrunners Membership so I want to spend some time looking at the videos, see if there is anything I can add to my game, there is a series of $50Rush vids by someone called Kush that has been recommended…

Will post again soon, hopefully to report some profit!

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