Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Drunken Degen Again

so the mrs was working and the plan was to watch the footie with my mate pecks, have a few cans and play some tourneys...started off with the usual beats JJ > K9, 1010 > 99 etc... before i started to pick up some momentum in the $2.25 rebuy, i was top 3 in chips all the way through but eventualy busted 14/226 for about $10 when i ran into a few hands... at the same time i did a heads up shootot but lost the 3rd game when my K10 lost to 3 10 on a K4393 board.

things then all get a bit messy and im trying to look through my poker tracker to see what i did....lets have a look

9:54 pm - 50NLHU - 22 hands +$11.85
10:04pm - 50PLHU - 96 hands -$34.50
10:32pm - 200NL6MAX - 29 hands +$60.65
10:51pm - $8/$16STUDHU - 4hands +$1.30
10:57pm - 100NLFR - 34 hands -$49.65
11:23pm - 100NLHU - 7 hands +39.50
11:28pm - 800NLHU!! - 7 hands +$7
11:33pm - 50PLHU - 15 hands -$100
11:40pm - 200NLHU - 30 hands +$13.60

hmm $16 bets stud and $800 heads up holdem.... i think im lucky to only be down about $70.. oh infact its $90 as another $20 off by bonus cleared

Monday, 29 June 2009

Break Even Weekend

Played Saturday morning at my old mans work, did a few tourneys and came 8th in a 45 manner when went all in with AK and got called by AK and AA (top 6 pay)

Then I went to heads up cash $50 and got all my money In with AK on a KJ3DD board… the other bloke had J10 diamonds and I managed to hold on to win the $100 pot…that put my balance over $900

That night I did a load of tourneys, final tabled two small MTT’s to get upto $950ish… then played $1-$2 omaha six handed won a massive pot where I cant remember the hand which put me over the $1000 mark. Near $1050 I think.

Since then I’ve lost $40 on heads up stud, $30 in tourneys.

Then to cap it all im browsing the $50 heads up tables and spot this player called PFCIVAN he is a well known player who basically is very good and well known on 2+2 forums..... I decide to test myself.

I lose $100 in the following hands

$20 with 98 on a 98Q 10 7 board he has K6
$30 with 88 all in preflop – he has 99
$50 with KQ all in on a Q 2 3 flop he has 33

Gonna session a couple of MTTs tonight while watching the footie with Pecks and Bob…..

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Large Drunken Hands

Im an idiot!!

I played at about 5pm, nothing big just 2 table 25nl but I stopped after about 20 hands as I was for some reason a bit pissed off and couldn’t concentrate…

Watched some sh1te tv and drunk some strongboys, played footie manager made some good signings and was feeling happy

Loaded up full tilt and did 2 super turbo tournaments, $12 and $7, i like these tourneys cos they are quick and its literally all in or fold so no tricky decisions!! End up coming 10th and 13th, annoying as its so close!!

So.. a little bit angry I go onto $1-$2 Omaha where I won that big hand the other night…. See how well I played this hand…..

I have A 8 8 2HHCC and it gets raised to $6 so I call… flop comes 4 5 J Rainbow, bloke bets $10.. not sure why at this point but I call…. Turn is 7 of hearts giving me an 8 high flush draw, he bets $15 and I reraise to $38 he calls…. River is a jack but not a heart.. I have two pair…. He checks…….we both have about $140 each… I can knock him off his hand right?? I bet the pot $138ish….. he calls with 6 8 9 9 and a straight….the bumhole even had a better heart flush draw so I was drawing dead all along

next up I decide to step up a level… I look around the tables and I spy a bloke sitting on about 8 different heads up NLH tables, my reasoning is that he wont be fully concentrating and possible will be able to trap him!!… I sit down with him on a $2 -$4 table with $400 , leaving about $120 in my account - I really need to win.

I play about 15 hands and its fairly even, I look him on Poker Table Ratings and it seems he has won £50k on his account … lol.. im gonna need a hand…..

Not to long later I find a hand pocket jacks I re-repop his standard preflop raise to $20 and he flat calls, flop comes JXX BINGO!, I min bet here to look weak and it works as he reraises me to $30ish.. I don’t wanna scare him off so call… next card is another bank… I wanna stay looking weak so check and he bets $80ish… I feel he is now pot-committed… I go all-in... He snap calls with KJ and no outs so I scoop a $800+pot!

All that drama left me about $40 up for the evening

Time to think up some BR management rules!

hands below in the replayer will have the bets as icant really remember!

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Biggest hand yet

actually put in some volume last night, played about 400 hands whilst four tabling 25nl to see how long it takes to clear this bonus (a long time, i have only cleared $20 so far!) did not do to well, was about $40 down when a couple of flips didnt go my way.

after this i mucked around on some other games breaking even, and then i spied someone sitting on a $200 PLH heads up table with $1300+.... up 6 buyins!!

i figured it was worth a punt and sat down... about 20 hands later after some back and forth action this hand happens....

nice bank roll now at $840

Expensive Lunch

poker has been going well, upto about $680 ish now, been running well in the $3.50 45 man super turbos, now have 3 2nd place finishes and a 3rd place finish from 5 games, cash has been steady as well helped by wins at $50 heads up omaha and stud when i was bored and a $140 pot in NLH when my top set got called all in with two flush draws.

on a side note my dad is eager to get me to go down the Rendevous Casino in Brighton for some poker as my mum is away, were aiming for Thursday night which is a £50 freezeout.

Spoke to two of my work colleagues MUG and HBK who said they couldnt afford it but it was suggested we pop over to ladbrokes at lunch and do £20's in with the aim of hitting £210, it sounded easy right?!

OMG Ladbrokes is so RIGGED!! couldnt hit a damn thing and i called it quits at £60 down, my mat eploughed in an extra £100 and actually hit a £10 number bet to put his balance at £360 meaning he was up..... he is a determined fella tho and managed to lose that as well with numerous £100 spins all missing.


Friday, 19 June 2009

Steady Progress

so its been five days since i opened the account on full tilt, and even with a few drinks being consumed i seem to be doing ok!!

as always tourneys are not doing to well, ive probably done about 20 and only cashed twice in those crazy super turbo 45 manner, ive finished close to the cash in 3 other multi's so maybe have to tighten up my bubble game to get into the cash - all in all im $6 down at the mo

cash is going well, i have only be 3 tabling and i have around a $150 profit at holdem (graph below) i also have racked up about $40-$50 in Omaha / stud etc when ive fancied a change!

im aiming for some poker to be played tonight, but am feeling knackered as my daughter has been ill and took my place in my bed last night.... meaning a night on the sofa... ah well...

Monday, 15 June 2009

Back in the game!!

i managed to get hold of a "stake" from my old man and deposited $200 into a Full Tilt Account...... really gonna try and do this properly now and only play games i can afford... so thats max $5 tourneys and max $10 on any cash table.

just registered for two HU STT's, four people and winer takes all... came 2nd in the 1st one when i ran into Quad tens... the 2nd game was even sicker... i had the fish down to 200 chips compared to my 5800 but still lost.... take a look at this comeback doubling up each time - hitting runner runner twice!!

really sick especially the 1st one... only card in the deck and not the first time i have been 1 outered on the river in recent games

its safe to say the last hand was nice as well... my AK all in against pocket 5's... ace on the flop but 4th heart on the river for a 5 high flush :-(

ah well.... im about $10 up at the mighty 10nl so lets crack on

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Fun Times

i deposited £15 onto Party Poker last night to keep me amused, did a few tourneys without cashing (came 64th in a 6oo manner when top 60 paid) and then decided to short stack 50nlHU.

3 hours and 7 cans of strongbow later i had £140 in my account!!

i withdrew £50 this morning and later on settled down to watch the film 21 on Sky Anytime.... not a bad film and it inspired me to play blackjack with my new found wealth.

bankroll is now £0

films are definitely bad influences on people.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Busto Part 2

well a great success again..... my $75 lasted 11 days.

to be honest i looked at my $30 bankroll and knew i could not be fucked to play $1 stt's or $4nl so i at down with my roll at a 6max 50nl table... 15 minutes later im bust when my KK loses to AK AIPF.

what can you do eh?!

now again the PKR blogger cant play on the site he is blogging about - FML

not sure what the next step is.... will probably deposit $25 into pokerstars to keep me amused tonight and tomorrow whilst the mrs is working, Saturday morning im gonna see if my Dad wants to stake me on a site - any ideas which one?

Monday, 8 June 2009

Going Backwards


managed to spin down my $95 to about $12 playing cash tables my roll should not be going near!! couple of sick beats ak > k 5 etc but its my own fault for putting the stack at risk.... on the up side ive managed to claw back to $42 after finding a weak player heads up.

From this $42 i really need to make a plan.... maybe avoid cash and spin up through STT's... i dont know...i just cant seem to be bothered, im happier playing footie manager!!

at the moment im playing a few cheap games.... lost in an invitiational freroll about 800/1000ish when my flopped ace got rivered by a trip kings.... then i did a 12 man stt and lost a 8k pot with AK on and A 7 7 2 turn... he calls with AJ and the jack comes out. normally i wouldnt care but when the bankroll is this low it really affects your confidence..

at the moment im set to cash in a $2 mtt, im 26th with 32 left and top 30 pay... shame im gonna haul in a likely $4 prize.

still better than nothing eh?!!

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Honeymoon is Over

damn that went quick.. wedding was a great success had an excellent time and went as smooth as can go... in fact thats a lie as i was actually late for the ceremony as i thought i had to be there at 2:45 but in fact i was meant to be there at 2:15!! my mrs was none to pleased and a bit panicky when she turned up and was told i wasnt there.... im sure although we laugh about this now it will definitely be brought up in future arguments :-(

Honeymoon was in Tunisia and was superb only downside was that the casino was closed as the manager had run away with all the money!! Lol still it was good to get a break just me and the mrs and i dont think we have ever talked so much as normally tv, work etc all get in the way.... definitely need to spend some more time away in the future....

back to poker, i deposited $75 which has been covered by some bets with my mates on Burnley winning the playoffs and ive also sold Call of Duty 4 for the PS3 for £15... good game but its just gathering dust at the moment as PES2009 is king in my house...

anyways getting off the track a bit... i deposited $75 and knew i was due a $35 bonus and $15 rakeback very soon... the plan was to get to $200 by the end of the week. last night at about 10pm i had $195 in my account.....this morning i have $94

im such a cock sometimes, basically it i did heads up 10nl and lost 4 buyins, started playing bad at the end but mainly was unlucky with us both hitting flops and i couldnt get away.. i wasnt too fussed about this...i was pissed off however when i went to a $100 3 handed table and lost about $60 through playing absolute joker poker.... my style was to call down shit hands and bluff on the end.... i knew i was playing bad but i just couldnt quit.

sigh. so not a good start and now i have $95 to work with.... really need to be disciplined now, i wanna get to $200 by month end by playing sensible and then take it from there - need to start building the roll up.