Friday, 22 May 2009

Wedding Day Post!

getting married today and shooting off to Tunisia for the honeymoon tomorrow so time for a quick update!

obviously im still unable to play on PKR as i cant deposit until the 1st so ive been donking about on other sites, on Pokerstars the highlight was when a managed a 4th in one of the 180 manners for about $30, the downside was finishing 150ish/800+ when my pocket 9's lost to pocket 8's in a massive pot which would of put me up in the chip lead. ive also played on Paddy Power but mainly cash, losing about £30 even after winning a quads over quads hand which ill link later.

Last night i went down the pub with some of the lads and when i came back my dad was playing so i decided to join him and stuck £25 on Party Poker, i did a few small tournaments and ended up minicashing 55/455 for about $7 profit in the $3k guaranteed when i had possibly the sickest beat of all time for a monster pot!

so im 72% fav preflop, 78% on the flop and 95% on the turn!! ah well, no poker for a week now

wheres that damn cravat.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Moving up the Dealer Ladder

Moving around in casino circles can be a lot of hard work. If you are a dealer or a croupier you know the pressure is on to perform and excel at your skills whatever the clientele, be they the nicest guy on the planet, or a genuine mistake of nature. 

A lot of dealers have found that once they reach a particular level of skill, winning the trust and support of the casino, they are able to build up a private clientele list and move to working entirely freelance.

Freelance professional dealers often have to wait a great number of years before they can get enough clients who are willing to trust a dealer outside of the casino. Although casinos are keen to hold on to their best dealers, there is little they can do if the dealer is directly approached by a high roller with an eye-watering offer. 

There’s no reason it has to be done only way as there are plenty of trustworthy and talented individuals in this industry who don’t get the immediate breaks they need. I find this especially so, since I’ve been taking a look at a brilliant new site that is a social network for dealers, croupiers and fun casino hire organisers.

The site is called Dial A Dealer ( and lets professional card dealers and casino croupiers place their information online in the form of profiles that demonstrate to customers their exact skill levels and experience.

A feedback system similar to how eBay works, assigns a star rating to each of the dealers, based upon past feedback from clients, so new customers know that the person they hire will be reliably perform an outstanding job. Dealers are also encouraged to put up their awards from dealing tournaments and other competitions as well as inform others of what locations they are willing to travel to for potential dealing jobs.

Some dealers offer the full package of providing poker tables for hire, chips decks and some even allow players to book venues and parties for corporate clients.

The site is layed out well with a simple navigation system that lets you search and browse dealers accompanied by photographs or browse through the deep and diverse feature articles contained within the article section of the site. The site owners maintain a blog that has up-to-date information on the gambling and gaming industry as well as giving tips and advice to newcomers to the game. 

Some of the useful topics covered include techniques for getting into the industry and learning the etiquette and nuances of running home games as well as larger tournaments.

If you are a dealer looking to work extra shifts this recession, or simply want to break free of your casino and control your earnings directly, sign up with, site back and watch the jobs flow in. This is one of the most ideal places to begin building up a solid client base that will follow you in your career all the way up to the high stakes tables. 

Wednesday, 13 May 2009


I feel like such an idiot writing this post, this blog and my account had been going well, $500+ profit at a steady rate mainly on the cash tables.....and now its gone!

To explain how i fucked this all up, yesterday was my last day at work for 3 weeks due to me getting married next week and i was in a good mood! my Mrs was working every night this week so i planned to hit the tables hard, at around 8pm last night i fired up PKR and watched the united game with a few Strongbow's, 3 hours later united had lucked out and my poker was really going nowhere and i was break even with my cash wins covering my tourney losses...anyways i don't know why i did it but i decided to go onto PKR Casino which is a separate program which you have to download... suffice to say i caned my whole bankroll on the blackjack tables.... plus $40 more which takes me up to my deposit limit.

So basically i am screwed on PKR as i cannot deposit again until the 26th by which time ill be on my honeymoon, I'm thinking about playing on a different site but i don't really have the cash to make a is a bit tight with this wedding this is why i have withdrawn $350ish over the last few weeks - quite lucky actually as this probably would of gone in last nights mayhem.

so at the moment the I'm stuck without a plan, im either gonna deposit on a new site (maybe find a staker) and play there till i can deposit on PKR again, or less likely not play poker till i return from my honeymoon.... lol I'm not gonna do that!!

anyways depressing post but its got to be done, one of the main reasons of this blog is for me to record results so i play sensibly...speaking of which i need to fire an e-mail to PKR to ban me from playing on there casino site!!

on a side note the mrs is working today so im looking after my daughter today, planning on going into Brighton on the train and getting her some clothes which she is getting well excited about - only two and well into her clothes....costly business!!

anyways, if any ones reading ill catch ya later.. I'm off to see what poker accounts i have open!!

Monday, 11 May 2009

Small Session But MileStone Reached


as i said very little time for Poker this weekend....Friday night was the £1 re buy with a decent turnout of 9 players squeezed into my front room but i think the pot was affected by the credit crunch as the prizes were 1st - £35, 2nd - £20 and 3rd - £10.... i took down 2nd when i slow played top two pair and ran into a rivered straight - Doh!!

Saturday i helped my dad at his factory and then as usual we played some poker online together.... my dad is the ultimate social player online.... he has between $500 - $1000 online and plays 90% of his time on 400nl!! anyways we managed to win about $200 with some nice cards unfortunately my dad is a shortstacker and only sits in with $80 or we may of won more!
He then let me do a few STT's whilst he did some work, i managed to bubble bubble $20 stt and a $30 18 man STT... both times losing with the best hand.... very disappointed but what can you do?!

Saturday night the Mrs was ill but i didn't fancy playing however at about 11pm i decided to test the fishiness of the Saturday night tables.... with bankroll management inherited from my dad i sat down with 50% if my bankroll over 2 50nl tables and after 70 hands and about 30 minutes i managed to win about $40 or so dollars which has taken me over the $500 profit mark - not bad work for a micostakes player?!

lots of sessions planned this week as the Mrs is working every night, and on her night off I'm going to the Dogs in Hove with my parents for a free meal and drinks!

PS - am i the only person who thought Arsenal played well yesterday?!

Friday, 8 May 2009

Weekend is Here!!

weekend is here and when this will normally be a lot of poker time, this weekend will not see me hit online a lot.....tonight im playing a home game with 7 or 8 of my mates, its not serious at £1 rebuys with probably a pot of around £100.... after winning an impressive 6 in a row i have in fact bubbled in most of the recent games with only a game of PES2009 and a bit of fried chicken for comfort :-)

Tomorrow my mrs was going to work as usual but has the night off so i expect ill spend the night watching the telly or summit else.....i cant believe the wedding is only 2 weeks away!!!

on a side note if have decided to keep a running track of my stats on the right.... you may also see some adverts soon...... watch this space!!

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Rollercoaster Graphs

its been very slow last two nights, hardly any poker. Monday i was pretty tired so just stuck on some Football Manager.... and last night my dreams of Arsenal finally conquering Europe were broken after 11 minutes....still credit to united they are a hell of a side.

anyways i figured i could give an update including for the first time my graphs .... feel free to laugh at my drunken tilt swings both up and down - wheeeeee!!!!

Monday, 4 May 2009

small profits...


been playing a little Friday & Saturday night mainly MTT's, my best result was a 4th/316 in the $3 mtt for $68, bit disappointed with this as i made a good call with Ace 9 vs a short stacks Jack Queen when we were four handed and even hitting an ace on the flop couldnt help me win!! so instead of having 200k in chips i was down to short stack... ah well... i also cashed in a few other tourneys but unfortunetly in the microstakes i play its only the final tables that get you a profit worth shouting about!

been playing a bit of cash as well and on the whole playing well, just suffered a bad beat where i was called an idiot by a player for going all in? he said i used to make that mistake?

hmmmm i think getting all the money in with the best hand is normally good?

leave a comment if you think i played it wrong id be interested to know?

anyways bankroll is a healthy $140 which means ive won about $80 this weekend, hopefully ill get upto my base target of $200 by the end f the week.... oh in fact im due $35 in rakeback tomorow so maybe i should get there sooner.....