Friday, 24 September 2010

September Summary - I Tilt

hmmm from +$550 to +$97 in 3 sessions.

definite tilt problem

as stated will redeposit when I get back from holiday

a break needed for sure

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Brag Posts always lead to diaster

FFS i post about how things are going well, then next session I lose $120 through basically being unable to fold big hands eg JJ and QQ on low flops when villain had KK or AA and then having AK on a K29 board, villain had raised utg pre and 4 bet shoved on the flop.... so obvious he has AA or KK but i still call.

To compound matters I go and single table Rush at the $50 buyin level and despite baby's screaming, kids jumping over me etc I dont take the hint that I might not be the best time to play losing another $100...

have self banned for the rest of the day and to be honest im unlikely to play again before my holiday, bankroll is $850 so im likely to redeposit upon my return.

Anyways will def not post again until when i get back for a month end review, think it should be positive even with me playing like a dick today!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Feel Good, Play Good!

enjoying my break from work, been really really sweet to spend some time with my baby girl as usually when im back from work she is fed, bathed then ready for bed...tomorrow my 3 year old is well happy as i said ill pick her up from school and take her to the park - simple pleasures!

poker wise it has been crazy, i went to withdraw $100 today after a decent +$96 session and was told i am over the withdrawal limit!! not sure why this is but ill have to email them?

this is my graph from 17th onwards -

my earn rates have been crazy 63/100 bb at headsup and 26/10 at no limit full ring, obviously just a super heater but i also feel im playing good!!

overall figs from July 1st onwards


NLH HU $665.00
NLH FR -$96.00
Rush $65.00
Tourneys -$12.00
Staking -$30.00
Bonus & Rakeback $455.00
Total $1,047.00

Bank Roll $1,109.00

Withdrawn $708.00

Hours 109

$ Per Hour $9.61

happy days, over a grand in profit and appraching the $10 an hour mark

Thursday, 16 September 2010


last day at work for 2 weeks!! a week at home then taking the family to Majorca, first time kids have ever been on a plane...

poker has been reel quiet but im hoping i can use my free time for a few extended sessions, my figures arent too great and i'm below my target of $300 profit a month so hopefully i can have a little upswing.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Higher Stakes Does Not Compensate Volume

im such a retard, havent had the energy to play recently so have just done odd 10 minute sessions at 25c/50c rush to generate 50 full tilt points quicker... this is not going well, players are better, coolers hurt twice as much and mistakes are killing my bankroll!!

here is the graph of me playing rush this month

profit for the month is now $17 not including rakeback - WEEEEE!!

i did make a withdrawal yesterday but now my bankroll is $850ish ill have to redeposit for the millionth time.

ill update figs tomorrow


Wednesday, 8 September 2010

I Predicted the Future

in my last post i mentioned how i had accumalated a bankroll of around $100 on stars through the $2 180's but wasnt sure whether i should keep the money on there as i might blow it drunk........

last night i went on and played about 12 $2 180's and cashed once...i went on headsup Omaha and won back what i lost only to lose it all....

luckily i did cash out $60 so the loss is only $50 but i feel a bit stupid....

and now i have no poker to play when im drinking :-(

anyone know of any free poker bonuses like poker source offer?

in other news i've barely played on Full Tilt, withdrew $100 this morning after releasing a bit of my $50 fast bonus playing rush

will update figs when i next update the blog from home

Monday, 6 September 2010

4 figures score and other success

I’ve had a slow start to the month, bankroll is around the $1060 mark as I haven’t really put in any sessions of note since the last post, really need to up the volume, at least enough to clear the $50 fast bonus, however I have had some considerable poker success on different sites!!

Firstly as mentioned I deposited $10 into Stars to play some $2 180’s when drunk and managed to bink one and final table another, I withdrew $80 and despite losing $20 at HU cash I still have around $110 in stars as I again final tabled twice coming 5th and 1st again!! My sharky for these games look pretty sweet, especially as I only play these when drunk!!

I think ill probably withdraw half and keep $50 for future games, I would keep it all but stars is my drunk account and I would feel a bit stupid waking up losing a whole $100 on some random game.

sharky for $ 180 games -

The Major success though happened last night; I had my 3rd attempt at the $320 buyin $200k prize pool MTT on ipoker through a stake.

It was a pretty comfortable and very enjoyable tournament, crucially I near on double up on about the 3rd hand when I got 3 streets of value with my AK on a K45J4 board…. The villain who was out of position just check called all the way with K10 for some reason. The Buffer of these chips was needed as over the next couple of hours I put pressure on some shorter stacked opponents only to lose with KK to AJ and 99 to AQ (rivered queen sigh!) and was soon down to my starting stack…..

However the key hand was getting it all in with KK to be called twice by 33 and AK, I held and from then on was comfortably in a money spot and survived all the way to finally finish 28th/780 for my second largest ever score of $1440.

Of course this will be split 50/50 so I expect a nice payment from my staker and this money will be used for Xmas funding – so f**** nice to be able to do something positive from proceeds of poker!!

In view of this I have decided to add a little extra box on the side to track achievements on other sites, I don’t want to put this in with my figures but I think it’s a little harsh on myself to ignore huge results like this, especially as my Full Tilt Tourney results are so bad!!

Tonight under the stake again im doing a £60 super satellite into the £1000 GUKPT in Brighton which is pretty much my hometown; it would be unbelievable to get a seat in such a big event!

Hope everyone else is having some positive results as well

Thursday, 2 September 2010

$50 Full Tilt "Fast Bonus"

Logged into Tilt tonight and had a pleasant surprise of a $50 bonus, apparently some people have had more so good luck in what you get!

you have 3 weeks to clear so should be easily achieveable for most

good session today 486 hands for $85 profit, funnily enough no stacks just lots of little $10s here and there, was very happy with my play

bankroll now $1089, profit on the up and up again

Wednesday, 1 September 2010


damn had laptop troubles which meant i was laptopless for a week - i hardly coped!

in that time i managed a couple of poker sessions at mates houses to make sure i retained my bronze iron man status and i had some good sessions finishing up about $120 which means im back in profit and in a better frame of mind for the month ahead. The Profit has been withdrawn though as im desperate for cash (thats for a later post)

Last night i didnt really play any poker at first as i had lots of internet stuff to do and wanted to finish my season on footie manager.

A few cans later though I felt the urge and as I had banned from full tilt for the evening i did my maximum deposit on Poker Stars of $11 and loaded up 5 $2 180 manners

these are sick, 1st hand of one i make an optimistic shove with AQ against a raise and a flat call, i get called by both, one has AQ and the other has suprises who won

I carried on going and at one point looked like i'd cash in the remaining 4 games

however i busted one game 40ish and then in the sickest of sick i shove with KK and get called by Queen 10......queen 10.... which off course flops a full house and i finish 21st instead of going 3rd.

other two games i finish 9th and actually win so a nice profit for the evening of about $110... not sure whether to withdraw or keep a little stars roll, i wont keep these as part of my figures whatever i decide, these games will drive me mad if i play them all the time!

figures updated on the side but bankroll $1000, total (full tilt) profit since July $538