Friday, 27 November 2009

Record RPT Pot

wow just finished a quick lunchtime game which ended with the biggest pot in the history of our game.... the hand was between me and Hugh (his nickname BTW) and would be the 3rd big hand between us...

1st hand is hold'em and Hugh raises preflop to 60p and re-raise pot to £2 with 84cc, i decide in my mind to check raise bluff any flop... flop comes down J92ccc flopping me the flush, i change my mind and lead out for £1.50 and get re-raised to £4, i decide to slow play and flat call... turn is a non club 8 so i lead out £3 ad Hugh calls, river is blank and i bet £2 to which Hugh re-raises £10 all in and i of course call, High has ace high no clubs for a bluff, he had correctly read me as being full of shit preflop but couldnt believe i had a monster!!

2nd hand is pretty bad, i 3 bet pot preflop with 94dd flop comes 833 wih two diamonds and i call a big bet, turn is a non diamond 9 at this point there is about £10 in there so when Hugh bets pot i feel i have to stick it in (extra£11) and run into pocket 10s and i dont hit a miracle diamond or 9 to lose a £40ish pot

so at this point we are 1-1 with us both winning a £40 pot..... last hand of the day and it gets raised and re-raised preflop to £2 and i call with AKK3, flop comes beautiful 10JQ with 2 spades, i have no spades an lead out for £3, Hugh calls, turn is 7 of diamonds, i still have the nuts, so bet £6, Hugh calls, river is the 8 of clubs, i have avoided any full house of flush draws... i ponder and bet a healthy £10, Hugh ponders for ages, i start chatting trying to get a call and evetually he re-raises me £20 more!! i pretend to be alarmed and eventually put him all in for his last £14 saying it must be a split pot? he grimaces and flips over QK109 for a lower straight and missed straight flush draw - pot was over £100!!

definitely a bad way to return to work!!

Thursday, 26 November 2009

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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Two Fun Hands

Two Fun hands………

Playing our 3 handed lunchtime cash game today, we had two amusing/interesting hands

1st Hand is pot limit hold’em, I call from the button with 69 off suit and it gets raised from the small blind by Hugh to 60p….Mug the big blind re-raises to £1.80… I fold and here it gets interesting….. we play pot limit and it’s a friendly game and 3bet pots are rare so when Hugh 4 bets the pot another £7 I put him on a monster…. Mug agonise’s for a while and amazingly 5 bets the pot another £16 or so!!... Hugh thinks and thinks and then re-raises Mug for his last £3 and we have a monster pot of over £50..

Now can you guess the hands? AA and KK?? A long way off!! Mug sheepishly says I hope you havent got a pair and flips over pocket 3’s…. Hugh groans and flips over AK? No he has pocket 2’s!!!

Madness!! The board runs out dry and Mug wins with 3’s!!

2nd Hand…

Pot Limit Omaha… I have 7446 it gets raised preflop to 60p we all call as we always do in Omaha…. Flop comes 46K with two diamonds…. I bet £1.00 and get two calls… turn is the 7 of diamonds…I bet out £1.50 to see where I am and get two callers…. Auto lockdown now with the flush out…. River comes an immense 7 of clubs giving me a full house, pot is roughly £7 so I bet £2 and I get insta pot raised by Hugh to £10…. I eventually call muttering only 4 hands beat me…. He has 35 of diamonds for a straight flush.

Live Poker is Rigged!!

Ended up £21 up for the session which may compensate me when I eventually get sacked for having 2 hour lunch breaks!

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Update and im gutted about self ban from stars

I have decided its a bit risky to 12 table $25nl with $500 so i have deposited another $50 which i had lying around, im should have hopefully another $100 by the end of the week. with this an any profit/bonus/rakeback i make i should hopefully be at $750 by December start on Tuesday.

from then onwards i will post daily graphs,target graphs etc, try and get my blog discliplined to match a new disclipined era in my poker game.

Also recently i self-banned myself on Poker Stars, basically i didnt want any distractions from Full Tilt.... now it seems the Raise The River Forums have a weekly bloggers game with a low buy-in($5) - rats!! would love to play against teh guys whos blogs i read!

is there anyway to unself ban?!

grr - bankroll is $610

Monday, 23 November 2009

Stake Returned - bankroll decimated

as readers may know my starting bankroll and a "refill" on two occasions when i have gone busto has been provided my my dad who himself is a avid gambler and a recent new addition to online poker.

I estimate these deposits at about $750 with me withdrawing $350 back to him, however this has never been a problem, he is a wealthy bloke and was happy to be paid back whenever.

however this changed Sunday, when i saw him Sunday he was saying that he had lost his $900 betfair poker bankroll, i basically told him that he was stupid and that he needs to tighten up his game and start using bankroll management. His reply was, you can hardly talk - the only reason you have any money online is because i gave you it!!

cheeky bastard, i indeed have benefited from his bankroll loans but each time i have turned his $200 or so into $1000 or so - around about the point i was at on Sunday when we had our disagreement!!

so with that in mind i withdrew $400 for him leaving me with $500, not ideal but at least this way he cant lay any claim to my account and everything in there is my profit and what i have earnt.

so the bankroll grind starts again, my first target is $750 by month end which is only a week away, once November comes around i will start some new goals.

For all purposes today is day one of poker for me (again!) and hopefully this run there will be no dramas/drunkneess/tilt and most of all i hope i dont need to go cap in hand to my dad!!

bankroll $500

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Thierry Henry is a nob

Rarely am i still fuming this long after a game, if we've been done, spanked, cheated whatever im normally Philisophical by the next morning.

Maybe as an Arsenal fan im sure whatever we have lost in we'll be back again next season. With the Irish however there isnt a next season, it will be 4 years before the next World Cup and many of our older players will of missed out on there chance to play on the biggest stage - even so with the way seeding works, non qualification will probably mean we are again set as a 3rd seed and will face another tough draw.

Now as an Arsenal fan i am disgusted with Henry, fair enough with the cheating but ot go consoling Dunne and Duff after robing them is rubbing it in, he admits today he handballs but says it wasnt deliberate - bull shit.

he should apologise the the irish fans and supporters.

I played poker after the game by the way.

I only lost $50 so not a total disaster, espcially as i was drinking Bacardi like no tomorrow.

Mrs is working next 3 nights so im staying sober and grinding out a minimum 5k hands, ill report how i do.

Bankroll $960

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Still Winning

booked in another $70 profit last, again mainly at heads up, nothing really intersting to report on it, just finding the right players and stacking them, the strategy obviously works as im up $300 from the last 3-4 sessions!

Just finished the last session of our occasional lunchtime pot limit cash game, months profit was £22 which is ok for what it is, however the format of the game may change as recent pots have gone upward of £70 which if you lose one can put you in a foul mood on the return to work!!

bankroll $1015 - back in withdrawal territory!

Monday, 16 November 2009

Full Tilt Holiday Hundred

Loving Full Tilt at the moment, only two months after Take Two they now again are dishing out free monies. Holiday Hundred is what it says, a free $100 as long as you have cleared your initial deposit bonus - no strings attached.
Of course as with all bonues you have to play to release it and each $10 increment is released after earning 160 Full Tilt Points.

To opt into the bonus you have to go to requests on teh software and select my bonus offer, and to then check your status click on bonus on the cashier tab and not the promotions tab as before.

Last night i planned on a mammoth 2000 hands session but stopped after 500, the reason being that i was a little tired and had snapped at my daughter for interuppting me cos she needed a drink - not on in my opnion (my behavior not my daughters) so when i reached my 50 full tilt points i logged off and spent some time with her - karma restored.

after she fell asleep i managed to resist the urge to log on and instead watched a couple of epsiodes of the wire, but finally the urge got me and i indulged in some $50 heads up, so many donkeys about and at one stage i had reached the magic $1000 mark again before then tilting like a moneky and going down to $870... the reason i tilted?

hit and runners!! twice I got hit and run and then feeling a bit pissed off i got into a hand where by the river i held A7 on a 8892Q board, my $20 pot river bet got snapped off by pocket 7's and i lost the plot, 2 hands later im calling, yes calling a $30 bet with A6 on a 3454 board hoping to hit my meagre outs and.

luckily i calmed down, regrouped and hunted some decent tables, i managed to regroup and the bankroll is $940

3 days Off

im back from Dublin which saw a 3 day break from online poker!! well almost as i did a couple of freerolls yesterday finishing 80/400 in the $5k Full Tilt freeroll for people who have earnt some Full Tilt Acadmy points or summit.

got $20 which takes my bankroll upto a more healthy $935 as i had a couple of decent sessions before i left.

Only downfall to all of this is that i already have missed 4 days of Iron Man this month so i can only afford to miss 1 more day or ill lose my silver status, shouldnt be too much of a problem as it only takes 30 minutes to earn 50 points but if my arm falls off or summit im screwed!!

Dublin was a wicked break, kinda got owned by my 66 year old dad though as come Satruday i was asleep on my uncles sofa at 12am whilst he and everyone else carried on till 3am!! might of been the 8 pints during the day that did me in!! Wicked city for drinking although a little expensive, my wife and sister said the shops are good so maybe an ideal city break for some people.

anyways as stated bankroll $935.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Is Poker Table Ratings Accurate?

i have to admit that my blog has been a bit shit recently, cash blogs are seldom interesting, even more so when its through sensible play and i'm far to lazy to post hand histories mostly.

So today is a bit of a topical post following a discussion with a friend, basically is Poker Table Ratings accurate?

I use it a lot on headsup games, religously checking oppenents as i dont want to be playing proven winning players, recently i had been caned by opponents for my poor record on there and looking at it, is says im $1000 down!!

to be honest i know my record isnt going to be great as i have had a few "rocky" nights to say the least, losing $600 and $400 on occasion in one sitting, however to say i am breakeven for the rest of my 60000 hands logged is incorrect, i would say that i am probably at this moment in time breakeven at cash, in fact i have to be based on my withdrawals and deposits as my profit basically equals my daily dollar win!

the website claims to track 95% of games on Full Tilt but i have found a difference

Looking at my main two games in my poker tracker database i can see the following stats -

Poker tracker $25nl up $170 over 34k hands - Table Ratings $270 up over 30k hands
Poker tracker $50HU $840 up over 10k hands - Table Ratings $233 down over 8k hands

a $1000 difference at $50 heads up games! considering i only really play on my laptop how can they be so different?!

trolling through the forums it seems that there is a problem with headsup games and that it misses tables that you start yourself and also misses the first few hands of games - can anyone verify this? seeing as i bumhunt and stack my shortstacked opponents quickly this would lead to inaccurate data!

so anyway my conclusion is that Poker Table Ratings is accurate for Full Ring games but heads up is a bit sketchy!! still a useful tool though!!

last nights session was good, $85 up over a mix of games, bankroll is now $760, im of to Dublin with my Dad, Wife and sister for the weekend, looking forward to the atmosphere for the Ireland France playoff game, really think the Irish can do it!!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009


have basically broken even since last post, basically swinging up and down and on the wrong side of variance,no big deal, i have finally accepted that you can have a losing session without finding the urge to play heads up at $200nl to chase a loss.

Recently i have been getting bored with 9 tabling, once i have sped around the screen and folded 5 or 6 hands in 3 seconds it leaves me about 10 seconds for the hands to get dealt again, i have no real need to follow the action closely as i am a complete HUD whore using the stats to help with my decisions and i only really pick patterns off hands that are played against me.

So i know have moved to 12 tabling, and on a laptop this leaves mega overlapping but at the moment i think its working, i can play 1000 hands an hour and seem to be doing ok, i havent really heard of many multitablers amongst the bloggers out there? how many tables do you play? leave a comment!

Bankroll is still not great at $650 but im sure a rush will come and ill get back upto a four figure bankroll soon, need to be relaxed about it and just play decent poker.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Then Forced Down

bad news a further withdrawal is needed as my wifes %5 bonus turns out to be a 0.5% bonus - sick. with us going to Dublin next weekend i've had to take out another $150, this wouldnt be so bad if i was actually winning this month but im not, $150 down which makes my bankroll a meagre $600.

Tempted to make some sports bets but i dont want to fall into a viscious gambling circle.. better to just grind it out and win it back but i need my confidence back first.

poker confidence is a fickle thing, one week im thinking i cant lose but now im not so sure!!

anyways sorry for shit post, could be using this time for grinding but have a major headache.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Moving Up

managed to get back to $800 with some bumhunting at heads up, its been needed as im pretty much break even over 1000 hands at $25nl.

i've decided to do some occasional shot taking at $50nl, i started with 1 table out of my nine and actually lost about $25 mainly do to losing a all in preflop vs a shorstacker, he held ace 8 and i had pocket 9's - standard beat :-(

im doing this as i have been told that the difference between 25 and 50 is neligble and off course rakback and ftps would increase - i think table selection will help and ill make sure there are a couple of droolers on the table!

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

100th post is negative

Really bad session which could of been a disaster, played some right donkeys heads up but played like a donkey myself - why bluff someone who calls with 5th pair 4 kicker?!

need to regroup and win this back, my rake payment is going to be sick this week so if i can grind out a small profit rest of the week ill probably be even, i've made a withdrawl of $100 and dont need any more so im under no pressure to get back to $1000.

bankroll a sad $725

Monday, 2 November 2009

Another Drunken Tilted Mess

but luckily not me... my mate Mug has been the standard in bankroll management, faithfully playing the $2 stt taking his bankroll from $100 to $240 including several near misses in MTT's.

Friday night he returns from the pub drunk, he opens up a bottle of southern comfort and settles down for sone tourneys

he is enjoying himself and even sends me an email of an intersting hand -

Look at this hand!!
Full Tilt Poker Game #15688915215: $10 + $1 Tournament (114884233), Table 60 - 15/30 - No Limit Hold'em - 19:48:16 ET - 2009/10/30 (partial)
The button is in seat #9
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to AdamMugDonald [6s 6c]
Andree73 sits down
Andree73 adds 1,500
daddy burgundy calls 30
AdamMugDonald calls 30
MoocaBRA folds
stiffy2004 folds
hut5ch11 calls 15
Sir_SHAWN checks
*** FLOP *** [7s 6d 4d]
hut5ch11 checks
Sir_SHAWN has 15 seconds left to act
Sir_SHAWN bets 120
daddy burgundy calls 120
AdamMugDonald raises to 600
hut5ch11 has 15 seconds left to act
hut5ch11 folds
Sir_SHAWN raises to 1,800, and is all in
daddy burgundy folds
AdamMugDonald calls 870, and is all in
Sir_SHAWN shows [Kc 5h]
AdamMugDonald shows [6s 6c]
Uncalled bet of 330 returned to Sir_SHAWN
*** TURN *** [7s 6d 4d] [3s]
*** RIVER *** [7s 6d 4d 3s] [6h]
Sir_SHAWN shows a straight, Seven high
AdamMugDonald shows four of a kind, Sixes
AdamMugDonald wins the pot (3,180) with four of a kind, Sixes
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 3,180 | Rake 0
Board: [7s 6d 4d 3s 6h]
Seat 1: hut5ch11 (small blind) folded on the Flop
Seat 2: Sir_SHAWN (big blind) showed [Kc 5h] and lost with a straight, Seven high
Seat 3: daddy burgundy folded on the Flop
Seat 4: COUNT TRON didn't bet (folded)
Seat 5: AdamMugDonald showed [6s 6c] and won (3,180) with four of a kind, Sixes
Seat 6: MoocaBRA didn't bet (folded)
Seat 9: stiffy2004 (button) didn't bet (folded)

the joy will soon end to tears -

message to all readers - dont drink and play!!