Thursday, 30 April 2009

First Post

Hi!! I spend so much time reading poker blogs that I’ve decided to start one of my own! I have been playing poker for about 5 years mainly online, in that time I have done ok but as I never really played with a bankroll and just deposited and withdrew as I saw fit I have no idea exactly what I have won, I would assume that I have won a couple of thousand as I have paid for certain items e.g. laptop and a holiday from some tourney wins.

Anyways, in the last year or so I have started to take things a bit more seriously, I am getting married in a few weeks and with 3 kids I don’t really have the spare cash to play poker friviously. Looking at the 2 + 2 poker forum many people on there have a deposited and built a bank roll into the thousands and this is what I aim to do by opening a new account with a deposit and grind up from the micro-stakes.

As you can tell from the Blog Title I have decided to play on PKR, a lot of people may be surprised at this but I will explain my reasoning –

· Rakeback - I have opened a new account and get 30% rakeback which I believe is crucial for a long term account
· 4 Tables Max – you can only play 4 tables at a time, this would be a downside to some but I really struggle with anything more and the layout of 4 tables on PKR is manageable on my laptop
· Lots of Fish – definitely is a higher amount of “fishes” on this site, probably lured in by the 3d graphics and sims style avatar creation

The only real downside is it is a lot slower than other sites, I will have to test this but I reckon you probably only get 30-40 hands an hour..

Anyways the challenge is up and I think I am up to it… the only hurdle I have to clear is drink & tilt issues, both have cost me in the past and is the reason I have deposit limits on every site I have registered with (I might go into this later) if I can avoid tilting and playing drunk hopefully we will see me build the bankroll and rise up from the mirco stakes!

Gl to you all!

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