Thursday, 30 April 2009

Drunk Disater ruins positive update post

My second post was planned to be an update as I have actually been playing on my new account for over a month with good results - but last night I had one of my episodes……..I had spent the evening watching the Champions League Semi an as an avid gooner I witnessed a bit of a battering which was counter-attacked by my battering of about 6 cans of Strong bow and half a pint of JD…. The game finished 1-0 (were still in it!) and being a bit bored I loaded up PKR…..

I actually drunk so much that I cant remember exactly what I started playing, I think maybe a $2 mtt and a couple of heads up… anyways I do know that I lost about $10 which is not a lot but when you are starting with a $50 deposit it can represent a significant chunk of your bankroll.

Anyways as I was $10 down I decided to win it back on a cash table…. I sat down at a 25c/50c Omaha table and got stacked twice… the second hand I turned trip queens but the lucky fishay rivered the nuts flush.

So my attempt to claw back $10 turned into a $110ish loss L I will now go into an update with my results, this does not include last nights meltdown.

Anyways I have been playing for a month now, I deposited $50 with 100% bonus and have been grinding STT’s, MTTs and cash at the micro stakes…BTW last nights Episode was not a one-off and when I show my graphs later it will show that u have played a lot higher at times then is should of and I have some seriously stupid/funny dips and rises.

Anyways money talks and here’s my figures since opening my account in mid March,


I did aim to mainly play tournaments but I just cant seem to make a good run at them, a couple of times I have got deep in MTTS but have failed to clear the final hurdle – anyways the breakdown is here –

STT’s – 56 games & $11 profit
MTT’s – 74 games & $27.78 losses
Heads up – 74 games & $25.60 profit
Lottery games (where you are all in every hand) – 19 games & $19.94 loss
Overall – 223 games & $11.12 Loss

Cash Play

Hold’em – 2167 hands & $277.39 profit
Omaha – 750 hands & $56.86 profit


Cleared Bonus - $50
Rakeback - $13.79
Rakeback due - £34.34


Tourneys - - $11.12
Cash - + $334.25
Bonus + $50
Rakeback + $48.13
Last nights mess -$110
Overall $311.26

So not too bad but I will have to redeposit as I have withdrawn about $200ish to pay for my stag do and other items, and my bankroll is about $20 at the mo, I cant afford to blow up again as I have a limit of depositing $75 a month so if I lose my stack after this deposit I am basically screwed!!

Anyways here is where I am at as of today; I have $20 left… I will deposit $75 tomorrow when my deposit limit is lifted and I have a $35 bonus and $35 rakeback which gets me near $200 which is what im minimum for as my minimum roll moving forward.

Anyways GL to you all, no poker for me tonight as I need to catch up on 24 but there will be plenty of time for playing over the weekend as the mrs is working tomorrow night and has her Hen do on Saturday!

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