Monday, 4 May 2009

small profits...


been playing a little Friday & Saturday night mainly MTT's, my best result was a 4th/316 in the $3 mtt for $68, bit disappointed with this as i made a good call with Ace 9 vs a short stacks Jack Queen when we were four handed and even hitting an ace on the flop couldnt help me win!! so instead of having 200k in chips i was down to short stack... ah well... i also cashed in a few other tourneys but unfortunetly in the microstakes i play its only the final tables that get you a profit worth shouting about!

been playing a bit of cash as well and on the whole playing well, just suffered a bad beat where i was called an idiot by a player for going all in? he said i used to make that mistake?

hmmmm i think getting all the money in with the best hand is normally good?

leave a comment if you think i played it wrong id be interested to know?

anyways bankroll is a healthy $140 which means ive won about $80 this weekend, hopefully ill get upto my base target of $200 by the end f the week.... oh in fact im due $35 in rakeback tomorow so maybe i should get there sooner.....

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