Sunday, 24 October 2010

Blog Over

* edit

that post last night was a drunken rant, i again have let myself down but i dont think im ready to quit poker yet.

i have withdrawn my roll from Full Tilt and at the moment im leaning towards a week off an then redepositing on Poker Stars.

I just have to check out and see what kind of benefits a $25 player can get first.

will be doing some changes to the blog in the week ahead and thinking a lot about why i play poker, there is a good, winning player inside me somewhere goddamit!


John said...


Same here on the blog front, I'm losing that much money it's all doom and gloom! And to think I set it up to brag about my poker successes lol...

GL in bouncing back at some point

Starlight Coast said...

Before you make any rash decisions the first thing you do is take a one week break from it. You have much potential and 0 discipline. Set your filters to show you only the tables your bankroll will allow you to play. If you don't "see" the other tables you may be less tempted. If you know within yourself that you are unable to develop the discipline needed then quitting is for the best, but if you know you can achieve it with work then take a break and come back firing. Restart at the lower levels. Set a bankroll management plan you know you can stick to. The final decision is yours. What is it you REALLY want out of poker in the long run.