Friday, 29 October 2010

Poker Recap - Have I Been Winning?

so my $1000 bankroll is on PokerStars, new beginnings and all that jazz...

the question is how much have I actually won at poker? have I won? Ive had several drunken mishaps, with bankrolls halved in one night. I had a costly experiment at Omaha, on the plus side I have played over 300k hands and subsequently raked back loads... I have cleared over $1k in bonuses, I have had 2 4 figure tournament scores and wins on a cash stake plus live cash wins....

its time to tally my numbers up!!

Full Tilt can be view in 2 steps, first go i won $936 at holdem and lost $260 at Omaha, after a break i came back and things were not the same, i lost $5 over 90k hands and lost $750 at Omaha - combined cash total is minus $80 :-(

however the combined rake and bonuses for these 300k hands has been worth +$2578!!

also on Full Tilt mainly thanks to the daily dollar my tournament total is plus $2530

Full Tilt Total + $5028

as well as this I had a small try at bet most poker under nomorepainpoker7 and won $280

under my staking deal I have ripped up on Omaha Cash, my $712 shared 50/50

....however even better is my $2140 in tourney winners on paddypower meaning on my stake i have seen +$1425 profit

lastly live poker -

in a staked £55 tourney at the casino I made £260 I also have logged £100 in cash play at the casino, even sicker is im currently +£430 in our work lunchtime cash game over 38 sessions, i need to post more about this over the next week as i have got very lucky!!

so overall figs

Full Tilt + $5028
Bet Most + $240
Staked +$1425
Live Poker +$1072

Total +$7765

unbelievable stats when you take into effect my obvious degening, the amount of big dips in my graphs is crazy!

Stars is a new start and i need to look at this post to see what my ability can achieve

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Neilc999/Knockoffneil said...

pokerstars is the only site I ever manage to lose money on. Have you ever tried cake? thats some soft shit. Gl mate, good to see youve made some decent cash this year.