Saturday, 9 October 2010

I'm Alive

damn havent posted in over 2 weeks, the longest break since this blog started....

Idid receive an email from an online poker buddy last week who said, are you busto?
I guess confessing some dirty tilt sessions followed by not posting for a couple of weeks would probably look like that was the case!

in fact the reason for my absence was that on my holiday to Spain, the day we were due back was also the day chosen by the spanish to have a national strike! my flight was cancelled and EasyJet couldnt not get us back until a week later! FML i had to shell out over £1000 on hotel/food and it looked like the poker account would need dissolving! luckily a combo of Overdraft plus Xmas savings saw me through the week and fingers crossed i will get a full refund from the travel insurance, has anyone had similar experiences when they have got the money back or shafted?

have played a tiny bit of poker, up $10 in cash in $10 in tourneys, i've just brought Fifa 11 though so poker may take a backseat whilst i get to grips with it, i at least want to be able to whip all my mates online.

if anyone fancies a game let me know your Playstation User Name!

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Kane2 said...

Should have gone to the american embassy or forced the airline company to put you up since it wasnt your idea for them to strike lol