Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Football Manager Season 3 Update

decided to post updates in my blog so that i can link any screenshots in here into a football manager forum i use.

anyway here goes

2013/2014 Blue Square Premiership - Tooting & Mitcham United

Tooting and Mitcham's first season in the Blue Square Prem and it started with a bit of a disaster, in the pre-season i sent out my scouts to scout all the free transfers in the game but i didnt realise that the list was 3000+ players long. lets just say that even now my scouts are still working through the list of players!!

so what this meant was that i couldnt really scout for new players so in the close season i only brought in 2 players a Liberian Striker Abe Donzo and a Journeyman Winger Craig Westcarr. My honest aims at this point were just to struggle through the season, concentrate on the Fa Cup when it arose to clear funds and maybe sell some high performing players so that next season i could have a fresh start with a decent bank balance.

What instead happened was utter domination, i won my first game 4-0 and remained top until 10 games to go where I was 16 points clear of 2nd place, at this point i went on manager holiday as i was pretty certain i wouldnt be caught but i think my assistant manager is a bit rubbish as i lost 6 out of the 10 games but luckily maintained a 3 point gap to win the league ahead of Crawley!

player wise my new striker was amazing netting 31 in 35, he was backed up by last seasons high performers, wingers Ansah-Owusu and Evina and my captain and rock Derrick Williams.

so i'm officially a League Club, i think a cull of my players is in order and hopefully i can hire a scout to look at players as my two scouts are still working through the list from last year!!

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