Tuesday, 30 November 2010

New Month New Start (again!)

So tomorrow is a new month and about the 31st time ive made a fresh start at poker.

This time im gonna try and set realistic goals and hopefully stick to rules, rules that if I know I don’t follow then bad things happen.

25k hands.
Make a run at GoldStar not sure if 25k hands is realistic but if not I should be able to work extra volume is needed.
Play Tourneys.*
Make daily posts on sessions

Don’t play decent regs heads-up
Don’t play when kids are wanting attention, especially your 7 month old Daughter.
Make sure you keep free time for wife.

So new laptop, new poker tracker database with no data (couldn’t be arsed to transfer 30 GB data base from old laptop) and an effective $1k bankroll $890 cash $110 tourney tickets (Bidibot brag)

Let’s have a good December!!

*I didn’t update the blog as I was so pissed off but I came 86th in the $200k guaranteed on Sunday, that’s twice in 3 attempts that ive been 6 off the money. Min Cash was $500 and I maybe could of folded into it but I don’t like to play that way and when I saw 10’s in early position with 9 bb’s I knew I had to shove. When the button flat called only I knew I was in severe trouble and had to pray that he had AK and not AA/KK – my prayers were rewarded but unfortunately being a Muslim (albeit non practising) god gave me a AA5 flop as he doesn’t agree with gambling .

Top 20 chip stack ($1.7k for top 20)

Sigh to that but I know I can do well at tourneys and should devote some time to them, I can even multitable it with football manager?

Anyway thanks for reading, hope we all have a good end to year!


ROSSI said...

GL with the new start m8

Neilc999/Knockoffneil said...

Yeh GL dude. IMO you shouldnt set x amount of hands as goals, but thats just me. I'd just prefer to say I want X amount of cash regardless of hands fpps and hours since at the end of the day cash is what pokers ment to be about.....right? Saying that I am a tilt monkey and my monthly goal tends to be not to tilt into biggest sngs site offers (failed)