Sunday, 28 November 2010

OMG Some Poker!!

yeah so totally have not played hardly any poker since blowing off that money, my enthusiasm is at an all time low and it is not helped by my laptop being on its last legs, every time I load up Pokerstars recently it lasts 10 minutes before freezing up.

This will be remedied tomorrow by the arrival of this

6GB ram, 2.2 processer, 320gb hard drive. hopefully it can runs stars without trouble!!

tonight i am playing the $200k guaranteed on Ipoker, came close last time to a cash of $600, hopefully tonight my hands hold up! i will only be one tabling alongside x factor and other shit programmes.


Neilc999/Knockoffneil said...

blog looks cool now dude, x factor in my right ear while playing is fooking annoying. good luck with the tournay.

Daly said...

cheers mate, just did a simple template design and viola 100 times better!

bad times in tourney busted 86th after 5 hours to get bollocks all

win the flip with 10s vs AK and im 20th - mega sigh

Neilc999/Knockoffneil said...

that sucks dude, unlucky. Im off to watch prem poker on c4. Only thing worth switchin my telly on for nowadays.