Wednesday, 21 April 2010

2nd Round Knockout

im done, was upto $850 and looking at recovering with an estimated $50 rakeback payment due Friday, a bit of solid play and ill be back to $1000 in a week.

however too stupid stupid sessions and now I have $550, i reckon ive done about $800 minimum with the majority at the $25 buyin level at either Rush Omaha or No Limit Full Ring.

At one point when i was down to $700 i was thinking about just withdrawing it all and quitting, now ive just self banned till 1st May it'll give me over a week to think things through, options are.

Redeposit and carry on
drop down to $10 level and carry on
withdraw a chunk and start a new challenge
withdraw it all

im so disappointed and frustrated, any suggestions please let me know, ill be back on 1st May


parttimebonuschaser said...

i'd suggest implementing a bit more of a conservative bankroll management strategy.

I dont think you have enough buy ins, unless you want to have a fair chance of going broke

Daly said...

you dont think 40 buyins is enough? e.g i did have $1000 in my roll? im definitely droping down to $10 level until i get back to $750

parttimebonuschaser said...

well if you're dropping 18 from $1,000 to $550 in a couple days, then no, probably not

Neilc999/Knockoffneil said...

40 buy ins is enough IMO if your not playing for a living. Ive always stuck by a 30 buy in rule for anything and its been fine. Look at other areas like how your playing, who your playing and weather or not your just running shit. If tilt is a huge prob for you though I agree wid bonus chaser that your gonna need a bigger roll.

GL dude