Saturday, 3 April 2010

What Hope Have I Got?

no real poker news as my Betmost account is still inactive, i have been offered a small stake of the $3 90 manners on FT but have only managed 5 games out of the 12 thus far, i will report on them when finished.

as to the subject title, i'm a little worried, i have shown degen tendencies and it is so obvious they are inherited, my dad is the nicest, funniest, most generous blokes you'll ever meet, the trouble is he carries on these traits on the poker tables.

He is passive, gives his money away and plays like a joke.

he asks me for help and i watch him play all the time, but he ignores me when i say fold ace 3 off suit (he likes aces) fold queen 8 suited under the gun (ill fold if some one raises)


he limps every hand!! think his stats are like 50/2

anyways, he also loves a drink which is summit i share. Last night he took me wifey and one of the kids (other 2 with their dad) out for dinner, he was pretty wasted on Whiskeys and had the option of going to the pub or going home. he stated ill go home but not play poker, ill just get wasted and watch a film.

he picks me up this morning as i help him with his accounts on saturdays and he tells me half solemenly half proud in a way - i lost £700 drunk last night!! pisses me off so much, he has no respect for money, he may well earn a fair bit but its no excuse.

i looked him up on Poker Table Ratings and since July this is his graph.


is their hope for him and me?

bankroll still circa $900 but no idea where it is!


Meteoric Poker said...

Hope he doesn't mind you showing his SN on that pic...

Does he ever look at PTR or use PT/HEM? Having the evidence I was losing money made me work harder to play better.

OTOH maybe the money's not important to him, and you shouldn't worry?

Gavin said...

TBH theres not much chance if he likes playing pished and has no idea of hand values etc. I suppose in all honesty he, and people like him, are why most of us play poker. Then again if he just plays socially and can afford it fair enough, its when you can't afford it that it's a proper problem.
If your Dad can afford to lose £700 and you have more of a clue why doesn't he stake you and let you recoup his losses for him?
Good luck either way mate