Saturday, 24 April 2010

Thanks Dad!!

just been working at my dads place, we normally play some poker together and he told me to play the $2 rebuy MTT whilst he went to the gym.... after 4 hours of play im 11/25 (300 runners) and have to leave, i tell my dad to coast along, point out the week players and for him to ring me later, i get home fire up the laptop and he is 18/20 with 9k chips somehow losing 41k chips in 5 mins, in fact hes busted 19th.....

was hoping for him to win the $500 or so first prize and chop with him but ah well..

poker will return for me on Wednesday

bankroll $620

1 comment:

donnie said...

doesnt really work does it alternating between family members during games??

good luck for next week.