Sunday, 18 April 2010

Year Starts Tomorrow

been back on Full Tilt for about a week and have been playing like shit, jumped straight back in 16 tabling $25nl and couldnt cope, was bluffing, overplaying pocket pairs and letting tilt get in my game.

Even worse one of the games which caused me to lose a wedge last time Pot Limit Omaha headsup lured me in and i lost a wedge there too!

all in all ive lost about $300 which means the profit from Bet Most which I wanted to buy a nice watch with has had to be redeposited, bankroll as always is $1000.

moving forward I will be aiming for 30k hands at $25nl full Ring and or Pot Limit Omaha Rush style, got to avoid headsup play...moving forward I think ill probably aim for 20 of the $3 90 manners to see what kind win rate I can build.

gonna aim for daily blogging as i find that when i dont blog i get lazy and it creeps into my game, blogging encourages me to play well.

ordered a few books, Pot Limit Omaha the Big Play and the Poker Blueprint, ill give reviews of these soon.

Bankroll $1000


John said...

16 tabling Jeeeeeeeezus

GL with the grind

ROSSI said...

try pokerstars m8, easier to grind 16+ tables because you can use tableninja (tons more options on the full pokerstars version) and also use hotkeys which you can assign to the keyboard or a mouse.

Plus the VIP scheme works out better in the long term if your gonna put a lot of volume in.