Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Doh Sleepy Head!!

In my life I have fallen asleep at some really stupid places or times, in nightclubs, during meals on trains etc however Sunday’s trip to the land of nod was the biggest fail of all time.

As readers might know, the $200k guaranteed on ipoker is a regular occurrence for me, however in around ten attempts I have only cashed once for $1440, and im about 6 without a cash including 2 bubbles when the tourney was in its old format (min cash was $500) and several coolers KK into AA etc…

So Sunday I had another pop and played pretty well, I was in the top 40 early after hitting a set and pretty maintained myself in a cash position for the whole 5 hours until the bubble burst, at the 5th break I remember I was 50th with 140 remaining and I went and got a drink, when I got back I decided to lie down with the laptop by my side, such a stupid thing to do as the next thing I know its 3:30am and ive been blinded out!!

So annoyed, I did manage to finish a semi respectable 76th for $432 but obviously if I was awake I could have had a real run at it….. the jump from 76th to 46th alone was worth and additional $400!!

So annoyed but hey at least it’s a lesson learnt, next time at the end game im gonna load up on Coffee and Pro Plus – hopefully my daughter might actually wake up after 6am as well which would help things!!

Month wise its pretty awesome that cash (split with my dad) plus some run good on Full Tilt means im up quite a bit, the pretty stats are below –

Hope everyone else is doing well at the tables and at life in general….

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