Thursday, 10 February 2011

Gambling not Grinding

So been a couple more days and a third of the way into the month and I still cannot be arsed to play a legitimate session!! Tuesday after my post I just played Fifa for ages having a few cans and the when the mrs came home watched some telly….when she went to bed I was a pretty drunk and remembered I had $30 left on my stars account – I kinda realised that heads-up would be a bit risky and I could bust quickly so I decided to head for the 50bb max Omaha 6-max tables!!

I sat down played carefully over first few hands and then as soon as I doubled up I really pushed it….I literally was setting people all in all over the shop, no-one had more than $25 so I was only risking profit and then the dream hand happened, I was upto about $60 and had the dubious monster hand of 1079K and after a few raises I was all in for $25 in a 3 way pot…..terrible play I know and when I was up against AAxx and KKxx I actually knew straight away I would win! the 449 flop didn’t really help much but the 9 on the turn was sweet and just like that I was over $100 – I played on for bit and quit at $130 and withdrew it all.

Last night poker was again off the agenda as I agreed to watch the footie at a mates house, I figured the game would be boring so I made the decision to lump £20 on England… however looking at the fixture list I decided to do a treble, England at 5/4, Scotland to beat Northern Ireland at evens! And Holland to beat Austria at 1/3 I think – anyway it came in quite easily as only England made hard work of the game and that was £100 profit.

Quite amusing to think of all the hours of grinding away to make £6 an hour and I can make £160 on a bet and some drunken Omaha.

Not playing tonight as still not feeling it, my bankroll has been sitting on Full Tilt for a whole week and I haven’t played a hand – really need to crack on and earn some cash!

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