Friday, 4 February 2011

Going back to Full Tilt

for three reasons.........

1) I'm playing on PokerStars because of their table limit which means I can set my highest stake to $50, and not degen away all my bankroll at $200 buyins... in truth this works to a degree but when i can drop $150+ at Omaha with $25 then what is the point?

2) I've been playing the 20-50bb tables and loving them, full of fish and i can generate rake fpps quicker - but on the 10th PokerStars are removing them!

3) And the main reason - Rakeback - now so far since I came back to stars at the tail end of last year I have paid $1400 in rake using there VIP Programme i have earnt $220 in bonuses... so basically 15% rakeback - and that was playing the 20/50bb tables which generate more fpps

if i go back to Tilt ill get 27% rakeback plus they definitely give more bonuses out, in the 3 months with stars all ive seen is a reload bonus where they offere a $5 ticket - Rubbish!!

can anyone see any problem with my reasoning??

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