Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Non Poker Tilt

really wanted to start cracking on at Full Tilt tonight but im suffering from some severe tilt........

its started with dinner, we had a fairly simple but nice Lamb Chops but my daughter just couldn't eat them....even cut up tiny and smothered in ketchup she kept acting like she was going to choke or throw up! the trouble is she needs to start eating meat properly as im sure she has an iron deficiency - she's white as a ghost and always tired at only 4 years old!

Next up FIFA 11, playing online and some mug is Man Utd, i have a baby either with her head in the tv cupboard trying to pull all the shit out or pulling herself up to standing position using my arm hair!! whilst this is going on im getting smashed 3-1 because Arsenal have a shit defence - FFS the keeper has a 73 rating but you can understand why he has been rated that way!!

and even now the mrs is out, the kids are in bed but i have a brand new laptop which cost me £700+ but the fucker is hanging and the washing machine is clattering and banging away!! not even sure what that is winding me up!!!!

i really need a can of cider so poker is off tonight, will start Full Tilt tomorrow, will tie up figures for Jan tomorrow at work and get cracking on Feb - FML 9 days late!!!!

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