Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Feel Good, Play Good!

enjoying my break from work, been really really sweet to spend some time with my baby girl as usually when im back from work she is fed, bathed then ready for bed...tomorrow my 3 year old is well happy as i said ill pick her up from school and take her to the park - simple pleasures!

poker wise it has been crazy, i went to withdraw $100 today after a decent +$96 session and was told i am over the withdrawal limit!! not sure why this is but ill have to email them?

this is my graph from 17th onwards -

my earn rates have been crazy 63/100 bb at headsup and 26/10 at no limit full ring, obviously just a super heater but i also feel im playing good!!

overall figs from July 1st onwards


NLH HU $665.00
NLH FR -$96.00
Rush $65.00
Tourneys -$12.00
Staking -$30.00
Bonus & Rakeback $455.00
Total $1,047.00

Bank Roll $1,109.00

Withdrawn $708.00

Hours 109

$ Per Hour $9.61

happy days, over a grand in profit and appraching the $10 an hour mark

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