Thursday, 23 September 2010

Brag Posts always lead to diaster

FFS i post about how things are going well, then next session I lose $120 through basically being unable to fold big hands eg JJ and QQ on low flops when villain had KK or AA and then having AK on a K29 board, villain had raised utg pre and 4 bet shoved on the flop.... so obvious he has AA or KK but i still call.

To compound matters I go and single table Rush at the $50 buyin level and despite baby's screaming, kids jumping over me etc I dont take the hint that I might not be the best time to play losing another $100...

have self banned for the rest of the day and to be honest im unlikely to play again before my holiday, bankroll is $850 so im likely to redeposit upon my return.

Anyways will def not post again until when i get back for a month end review, think it should be positive even with me playing like a dick today!

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GoldGanesh said...

hey nice blog you got here...distractions suck and is -ev. I have a wife and two 1 year old i understand your pain