Monday, 6 September 2010

4 figures score and other success

I’ve had a slow start to the month, bankroll is around the $1060 mark as I haven’t really put in any sessions of note since the last post, really need to up the volume, at least enough to clear the $50 fast bonus, however I have had some considerable poker success on different sites!!

Firstly as mentioned I deposited $10 into Stars to play some $2 180’s when drunk and managed to bink one and final table another, I withdrew $80 and despite losing $20 at HU cash I still have around $110 in stars as I again final tabled twice coming 5th and 1st again!! My sharky for these games look pretty sweet, especially as I only play these when drunk!!

I think ill probably withdraw half and keep $50 for future games, I would keep it all but stars is my drunk account and I would feel a bit stupid waking up losing a whole $100 on some random game.

sharky for $ 180 games -

The Major success though happened last night; I had my 3rd attempt at the $320 buyin $200k prize pool MTT on ipoker through a stake.

It was a pretty comfortable and very enjoyable tournament, crucially I near on double up on about the 3rd hand when I got 3 streets of value with my AK on a K45J4 board…. The villain who was out of position just check called all the way with K10 for some reason. The Buffer of these chips was needed as over the next couple of hours I put pressure on some shorter stacked opponents only to lose with KK to AJ and 99 to AQ (rivered queen sigh!) and was soon down to my starting stack…..

However the key hand was getting it all in with KK to be called twice by 33 and AK, I held and from then on was comfortably in a money spot and survived all the way to finally finish 28th/780 for my second largest ever score of $1440.

Of course this will be split 50/50 so I expect a nice payment from my staker and this money will be used for Xmas funding – so f**** nice to be able to do something positive from proceeds of poker!!

In view of this I have decided to add a little extra box on the side to track achievements on other sites, I don’t want to put this in with my figures but I think it’s a little harsh on myself to ignore huge results like this, especially as my Full Tilt Tourney results are so bad!!

Tonight under the stake again im doing a £60 super satellite into the £1000 GUKPT in Brighton which is pretty much my hometown; it would be unbelievable to get a seat in such a big event!

Hope everyone else is having some positive results as well

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John said...

Nice one, well played. Would have been nice to take it down!