Wednesday, 8 September 2010

I Predicted the Future

in my last post i mentioned how i had accumalated a bankroll of around $100 on stars through the $2 180's but wasnt sure whether i should keep the money on there as i might blow it drunk........

last night i went on and played about 12 $2 180's and cashed once...i went on headsup Omaha and won back what i lost only to lose it all....

luckily i did cash out $60 so the loss is only $50 but i feel a bit stupid....

and now i have no poker to play when im drinking :-(

anyone know of any free poker bonuses like poker source offer?

in other news i've barely played on Full Tilt, withdrew $100 this morning after releasing a bit of my $50 fast bonus playing rush

will update figs when i next update the blog from home

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