Wednesday, 1 September 2010


damn had laptop troubles which meant i was laptopless for a week - i hardly coped!

in that time i managed a couple of poker sessions at mates houses to make sure i retained my bronze iron man status and i had some good sessions finishing up about $120 which means im back in profit and in a better frame of mind for the month ahead. The Profit has been withdrawn though as im desperate for cash (thats for a later post)

Last night i didnt really play any poker at first as i had lots of internet stuff to do and wanted to finish my season on footie manager.

A few cans later though I felt the urge and as I had banned from full tilt for the evening i did my maximum deposit on Poker Stars of $11 and loaded up 5 $2 180 manners

these are sick, 1st hand of one i make an optimistic shove with AQ against a raise and a flat call, i get called by both, one has AQ and the other has suprises who won

I carried on going and at one point looked like i'd cash in the remaining 4 games

however i busted one game 40ish and then in the sickest of sick i shove with KK and get called by Queen 10......queen 10.... which off course flops a full house and i finish 21st instead of going 3rd.

other two games i finish 9th and actually win so a nice profit for the evening of about $110... not sure whether to withdraw or keep a little stars roll, i wont keep these as part of my figures whatever i decide, these games will drive me mad if i play them all the time!

figures updated on the side but bankroll $1000, total (full tilt) profit since July $538

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