Wednesday, 22 December 2010

VPP calculation - $25 Full Rinr

So last night I logged a full ring session at 10c/25c blinds to work out how many VPPS I can clear. This game type is meant to be my best game but I always shy away as when I play I do the maximum tables allowed (24) and it requires my full attention, unfortunately with 4 kids and one being 7 months old I rarely get any time where I don’t have to have at least one eye/hand/backhand available to deal with them!

Anyway the session went pretty well I was aiming for 1000 hands and reached the target in about 50 minutes earning 106 VPPS,for comparison I would say the extra 10 minutes for the hour would of got me upto about 125 VPPS also for longer sessions the hourly would be even higher as it takes a good 15 minutes to get 24 tables up and actually playing as I always sit out for big blind.

results wise a winning session :-)

Last up for my experiment is heads-up this will easily have the worst VPP per hour but of course the win-rate should be the highest especially with all the bum-hunting I do! I’m planning to do 500 hands in bits and pieces over the next few days.

Once I have all my stats I will then work out my plan and target for 2011, my initial thoughts are $5k for the year not sure if this is to high? Currently im $500 up for the month on very low volumes so maybe its ok!

If I don’t post before xmas make sure you all have a good one and put your families before poker!!


ROSSI said...

how come it takes you 15 mins to get them all up and running??
even waiting for the BB it only takes me about 5 at the very most.

Have you got all the auto-buy-in settings sorted.
Also if you press CTRL+S it will buy you into another table (the same as the one before), so you can just keep pressing CTRL+S as they become abvailable.
i have found playing a max 12 fast tables (out of 24) is still ok.

ROSSI said...

125 vpps per hour playing NL$25, say you play 50hrs per month.

125 x 50hrs = 6250 vpps
x 2.5 FPP Muliplier = 15625 FPPs
x 0.013c FPP value (for platinum)

=$203 in FPP value for the month.

Daly said...

cheers Rossi, those calcs are handy, not sure if i could manage 50 hours a month, especially at the high intensity of 24 tabling...

and as for opening tables i use table ninja and just reg for every table and wait for them to come free....maybe i will use your way in future