Thursday, 30 December 2010

Goobye 2010

So the end of another year, I think this year has been a bit of a write-off, and after switching to a new laptop I don’t have the poker tracker stats to verify! From memory I can summarise the following


 $1440 tourney score on Ipoker
 Up about £800 in live cash
 Good start on Pokerstars roughly up about $500


 Failing hard at Omaha
 Still haven’t conquered Tilt/Degen Issues
 Complete Lack of Volume

Now obviously looking forwards to 2011 I firstly need to address my failings, on the Omaha front I think I am cured, I havent played a single hand of Omaha since starting up on stars, the game makes me sick! Tilt/Degening is a work in progress, stars has the table limit feature so I can only play as high as $50 buyins , however this does not stop me tilting, I have twice lost $150 in a session as I have tilted and I need to control myself better! Lack of volume should be cleared by me aiming for Gold Star VIP which I think will need at least 25k hands a month…..

So without doing any in depth calculations im aiming to win $5k for the year, the aim is $300 a month table earnings not sure how much in rakeback bonuses and the rest with some tourney wins!

Really looking forward to Saturday when I can start playing!!

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BurnleyMik said...

very best of luck wit it mate. Hope u crush!