Monday, 20 December 2010

VPP Calculations - 6max $50

So as im winding down im thinking about my plan for 2011, i think if im to continue on Stars ill need to make sure i can hit Gold Star Level but im not sure about how many hands/hours ill need to play.

So what ive decided to do is play 500 hands of each of my games and see how many hours and VPPS i get, i need 3000 VPPS a month to hit gold star.

1st up 6 max 20-50bb's 25/50c blinds

i find that 6 tables works best for me but may try 9 when i get my new bigger laptop back, last night it took me 1 hour to play 500 hands and i earnt 101 VPPS

the session itself looks uneventful from the final stats but i was plus and minus $50 at various points - note to self not all shortstackers push with junk, ill need to identify good shortstackers and tighten up my calling range!!

netx up will be 24 tabling 10c/25c full ring which ill do tonight, at the end of all this i want to at least be able to see that i can play for say 20-25 hours a month and be able to hit gold star - possible at my stakes or not?

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