Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Winding Down

My new laptop lasted all of 2 weeks before it basically died….. screen froze which it had been doing maybe once or twice a day, I turned it off and it never switched back on!! I get a power light and noise but a black screen…. I googled and tried loads of fixes but no luck, it has been sent back to Sony this morning to fix and hopefully ill get it back before xmas.

Poker wise this was initially a boost as I have lost my Football Manager save and had extra time to grind the tables, however the motivation to play has just disappeared, I think in the whole of December I have managed two different sessions of over an hour, first session I lost $140 which was the usual killer combo of running bad turning into tilt, however I think a lesson has been learnt cos on the 2nd session after losing with aces to kings on a jack high flop when he hit running clubs to four flush me I started swearing and then realised that I better stop and calm down!! Recognising Tilt is going to be a key factor in me making money!!

Apart from these two sessions I have just had little 10 minutes dabs here and there, either bum hunting at heads up or playing upto 6 tables of $50 max on the 50bb max tables, I have literally no chance of getting gold star because of my laziness!

So plan for the moment is to try and play and grind my $860 roll into $1k for 2011, if I fall short ill probably just deposit to get me to that mark. I really need to think about what I plan to achieve in 2011 poker wise, this year has been a bit of a fail if im being honest, but I will evaluate all that at a later date!

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GoldGanesh said...

Good Luck for next year!!! I hope you make your goals this month and play solid poker. Keep it up dude!!