Friday, 28 January 2011

Finally On Target

Had another good session at full ring last night, with the hour mark approaching and me starting to close down tables i was only up $15, however a rush of big pairs later and some flips with the shortstackers I logged off $80 up..

Couple that with about 7 or 8 winning heads-up battles for roughly $10-$15 a shot (I pick on shorts stackers) over the week and at last I find myself on target for the month with an hourly rate of over $10!!

The recovery has been pretty drastic but it only confirms that I need to stick to my best games, I’ll probably pretty much wrap up for the month as its my daughters 4th birthday and really wanna make sure she has a wicked weekend, bit annoyed that my mrs has scheduled her party during the Arsenal game but I guess I may be able to sneak into the bedroom to keep tabs – Arsenal should really be turning over Huddersfield big time!

Not much else to report, for those who care my balls are finally back to normal a couple of weeks after the snip – I may even man up and try and put them to use…..

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