Monday, 11 May 2009

Small Session But MileStone Reached


as i said very little time for Poker this weekend....Friday night was the £1 re buy with a decent turnout of 9 players squeezed into my front room but i think the pot was affected by the credit crunch as the prizes were 1st - £35, 2nd - £20 and 3rd - £10.... i took down 2nd when i slow played top two pair and ran into a rivered straight - Doh!!

Saturday i helped my dad at his factory and then as usual we played some poker online together.... my dad is the ultimate social player online.... he has between $500 - $1000 online and plays 90% of his time on 400nl!! anyways we managed to win about $200 with some nice cards unfortunately my dad is a shortstacker and only sits in with $80 or we may of won more!
He then let me do a few STT's whilst he did some work, i managed to bubble bubble $20 stt and a $30 18 man STT... both times losing with the best hand.... very disappointed but what can you do?!

Saturday night the Mrs was ill but i didn't fancy playing however at about 11pm i decided to test the fishiness of the Saturday night tables.... with bankroll management inherited from my dad i sat down with 50% if my bankroll over 2 50nl tables and after 70 hands and about 30 minutes i managed to win about $40 or so dollars which has taken me over the $500 profit mark - not bad work for a micostakes player?!

lots of sessions planned this week as the Mrs is working every night, and on her night off I'm going to the Dogs in Hove with my parents for a free meal and drinks!

PS - am i the only person who thought Arsenal played well yesterday?!

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