Friday, 22 May 2009

Wedding Day Post!

getting married today and shooting off to Tunisia for the honeymoon tomorrow so time for a quick update!

obviously im still unable to play on PKR as i cant deposit until the 1st so ive been donking about on other sites, on Pokerstars the highlight was when a managed a 4th in one of the 180 manners for about $30, the downside was finishing 150ish/800+ when my pocket 9's lost to pocket 8's in a massive pot which would of put me up in the chip lead. ive also played on Paddy Power but mainly cash, losing about £30 even after winning a quads over quads hand which ill link later.

Last night i went down the pub with some of the lads and when i came back my dad was playing so i decided to join him and stuck £25 on Party Poker, i did a few small tournaments and ended up minicashing 55/455 for about $7 profit in the $3k guaranteed when i had possibly the sickest beat of all time for a monster pot!

so im 72% fav preflop, 78% on the flop and 95% on the turn!! ah well, no poker for a week now

wheres that damn cravat.

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