Wednesday, 13 May 2009


I feel like such an idiot writing this post, this blog and my account had been going well, $500+ profit at a steady rate mainly on the cash tables.....and now its gone!

To explain how i fucked this all up, yesterday was my last day at work for 3 weeks due to me getting married next week and i was in a good mood! my Mrs was working every night this week so i planned to hit the tables hard, at around 8pm last night i fired up PKR and watched the united game with a few Strongbow's, 3 hours later united had lucked out and my poker was really going nowhere and i was break even with my cash wins covering my tourney losses...anyways i don't know why i did it but i decided to go onto PKR Casino which is a separate program which you have to download... suffice to say i caned my whole bankroll on the blackjack tables.... plus $40 more which takes me up to my deposit limit.

So basically i am screwed on PKR as i cannot deposit again until the 26th by which time ill be on my honeymoon, I'm thinking about playing on a different site but i don't really have the cash to make a is a bit tight with this wedding this is why i have withdrawn $350ish over the last few weeks - quite lucky actually as this probably would of gone in last nights mayhem.

so at the moment the I'm stuck without a plan, im either gonna deposit on a new site (maybe find a staker) and play there till i can deposit on PKR again, or less likely not play poker till i return from my honeymoon.... lol I'm not gonna do that!!

anyways depressing post but its got to be done, one of the main reasons of this blog is for me to record results so i play sensibly...speaking of which i need to fire an e-mail to PKR to ban me from playing on there casino site!!

on a side note the mrs is working today so im looking after my daughter today, planning on going into Brighton on the train and getting her some clothes which she is getting well excited about - only two and well into her clothes....costly business!!

anyways, if any ones reading ill catch ya later.. I'm off to see what poker accounts i have open!!

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