Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Moving up the Dealer Ladder

Moving around in casino circles can be a lot of hard work. If you are a dealer or a croupier you know the pressure is on to perform and excel at your skills whatever the clientele, be they the nicest guy on the planet, or a genuine mistake of nature. 

A lot of dealers have found that once they reach a particular level of skill, winning the trust and support of the casino, they are able to build up a private clientele list and move to working entirely freelance.

Freelance professional dealers often have to wait a great number of years before they can get enough clients who are willing to trust a dealer outside of the casino. Although casinos are keen to hold on to their best dealers, there is little they can do if the dealer is directly approached by a high roller with an eye-watering offer. 

There’s no reason it has to be done only way as there are plenty of trustworthy and talented individuals in this industry who don’t get the immediate breaks they need. I find this especially so, since I’ve been taking a look at a brilliant new site that is a social network for dealers, croupiers and fun casino hire organisers.

The site is called Dial A Dealer (www.dialadealer.com) and lets professional card dealers and casino croupiers place their information online in the form of profiles that demonstrate to customers their exact skill levels and experience.

A feedback system similar to how eBay works, assigns a star rating to each of the dealers, based upon past feedback from clients, so new customers know that the person they hire will be reliably perform an outstanding job. Dealers are also encouraged to put up their awards from dealing tournaments and other competitions as well as inform others of what locations they are willing to travel to for potential dealing jobs.

Some dealers offer the full package of providing poker tables for hire, chips decks and some even allow players to book venues and parties for corporate clients.

The site is layed out well with a simple navigation system that lets you search and browse dealers accompanied by photographs or browse through the deep and diverse feature articles contained within the article section of the site. The site owners maintain a blog that has up-to-date information on the gambling and gaming industry as well as giving tips and advice to newcomers to the game. 

Some of the useful topics covered include techniques for getting into the industry and learning the etiquette and nuances of running home games as well as larger tournaments.

If you are a dealer looking to work extra shifts this recession, or simply want to break free of your casino and control your earnings directly, sign up with dialadealer.com, site back and watch the jobs flow in. This is one of the most ideal places to begin building up a solid client base that will follow you in your career all the way up to the high stakes tables. 

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