Friday, 8 May 2009

Weekend is Here!!

weekend is here and when this will normally be a lot of poker time, this weekend will not see me hit online a lot.....tonight im playing a home game with 7 or 8 of my mates, its not serious at £1 rebuys with probably a pot of around £100.... after winning an impressive 6 in a row i have in fact bubbled in most of the recent games with only a game of PES2009 and a bit of fried chicken for comfort :-)

Tomorrow my mrs was going to work as usual but has the night off so i expect ill spend the night watching the telly or summit else.....i cant believe the wedding is only 2 weeks away!!!

on a side note if have decided to keep a running track of my stats on the right.... you may also see some adverts soon...... watch this space!!

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