Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Crash, A Break & A New Start

wel that last post was ludicrous but it showed the mindset i was in...tilt and pressure from my drunk loss Saturday spilled over and erupted, eventually i lost about $220 playing heads up Omaha, getting involved in several $100+ pots, normally drawing dead.

that was the crash.

The break is now as i have withdrawn what is left from my roll and i will despoit on a new site at the weeknd, this isnt a knee-jerk reaction, more like the final straw at frustrations over a pitiful win-rate.

I will find softer players on a different site and the rakeback is higher, you know it makes sense!!

so the plan is at the weekend to deposit $750 into my new site and start again, my figures for this year so far will be archived and to be honest even with two retarded losses this week they make good reading -

NLH Cash $338.00
PLO Cash $124.00
Tourneys $83.00
Bonuses $245.00
Rakeback $443.00
Live Poker $445.00
Staking -$8.00
Drunk Losses -$180.00
Total $1,490.00

i should not get depressed at nearly $1500 in 3 months, especially as i am a microstakes player.

moving forward i have reintstalled my Poker Tracker, i have my stats but deleted the 4 million hands i had brought from Hand Hq.com, if i go bakc to Full Tilt i still have nearly 200k worth of hands to use.

it will be nice to have a fresh PTR i can match to my poker tracker, my Full Tilt Account had been scarred by last years $600 Tilt Crashed at $3/$6.

Bankroll soon to be $750

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