Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Should i Play Omaha instead?

just bumhunted the headsup tables.. lost $10 at no limit but then stacked a $20 shortstacker 4 times at Omaha... takes my omaha winnings to $200 which is mainly headsup and a little rush poker.

half the winnings ive probaly played a 100th of the hands compared to hold'em

who plays Omaha and how do you do?

last night i did a naughty and put £25 onto Paddy Power to play blackjack, luckily i won about £35 and quit. even luckier i have a deposit limit as i used to do my balls on blackjack which i may confess to at a later date.. when the winnings come through l keep them as withdrawn winnings and probably record the win as an offset to my current $140 drunk poker losses.

bankroll $1040


United113 said...

mental swings at omaha.

Have a look at milkybarkids blog. Ben grundy's blog, has made about $8million from playing PLO

United113 said...

Starlight Coast said...

After recent sucesses at Pot Limit Omaha MTTs I too am considering starting something up on the ring in this area. It will never replace my Limit Holdem ring games, but it might be a nice addition to counter variance.