Monday, 29 March 2010

Goodbye Full Tilt

so the decision was made to leave Full Tilt and try a deal elswhere, I had roughly $623 and that was withdrawn.

I had a load of Full Tilt points so I purchased a Beach Towel, a Cowboy Hat, a Polo Shirt and 2 decks of cards, my Iron man points got me a $75 tourney ticket.

come Friday I used this ticket and entered the $24k guaranteed,this was to be my highest buy-in event thus far.... I was determined to leave on a high.

I lasted maybe 20 hands. KK ran into AA.

luckily my rakeback payment came, I was expecting $30 ish but with all these purchases from the store it came to $4, however with a few drinks i had a fun night with the $4.

first i entered a $3 90 manner, finishing 7th for about $8,i then did a $7 headsup and won.... with the $15 i entered a $3 90 manner and a $12 90 manner..

i finished 4th for $72 + $8 in KO's.... not bad... the money has been withdrawn as part of the debt clearing.

the play on the new site has been good, i'm upto £596 from the £425 that i deposited, however i have run into some trouble with the deal so if they cant honour it i'll be looking for a new poker home, any suggestions?

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ROSSI said...

Pokerstars...if you are playing loads of tables