Monday, 8 March 2010

Embarassing Red Line

Dont think it gets much worse than this?

i think instead of analysing where im stacking off badly i need to look at where im giving up to easily.. i've had a look around and ive seen the following advice on a pokernews article as to why people have bad red lines

Some common ways players regularly hurt their redline:
Continuation betting too often or in bad spots.
Having a one-and-done approach to c-betting.
Playing the out-of-position guessing game too often.
Calling too often with draws and playing them passively (forcing you to fold when you miss).
Calling raises with weak made hands only to fold to further action.
Calling too many three-bets and folding too many flops.
Check-calling weak hands that are essentially two-pair draws.
Playing passively in three-bet pots as the aggressor.

definitely something to work on, i know multitablers are notorius for having bad red lines but i can still work on it!

bankroll back upto $976 after two winning sessions today

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