Sunday, 14 March 2010

Evolution of Video games

wowsers just brought Final Fantasy 13 for the PS3, gotta say the graphics are unreal, the kind of CGI you would see at the cinema, its hard to believe that when i started playing video games they looked like this

blocks of different colours

to this

shit song though.

been crushing since Thursday, bankroll up from a low of $840 to $1050 today


United113 said...

game plays better in the old games though.

Too much emphasis on graphocs and gameplay bad.Give me space invaders and donkey kong anyday :-))

jesus am showing my age

M. Scle said...

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Yorkshire Pud said...

WTF is with the comment above? LMFAO!

My first games were on a ZX Spectrum 128k (lol at 128k) and the graphics were horrific. I then got a Sega Master System and thought the graphics were awesome!

Some of the new stuff on the X360 looks amazing in HD, I can imagine the PS3 will looks just as good if not better thanks to it being on Blu-Ray