Thursday, 20 May 2010

Four Figure Night

not even my daughter waking me up screaming at 6am and getting a bollocking from the mrs for sleeping through my turn for the night feed can put a dampener on my mood!!

last night i was happy to just session footie manager and poker was not even an option, in fact i was still banned on Full Tilt until today!!

however come 7:30 my dad phoned me with a problem, he was chip leader in the $4k guaranteed on ipoker but couldnt play on as my mum was on the way home and wanted to eat with him, he wanted me to play on for him.

so i log on and decide to sit tight for about 30 minutes and see what the table is like, the answer is everyone is super tight except some idiot who is playing 95/45 and is limping or min raising every pot!! i decide to multi table and stick with footie manager and wait for a good spot

eventually i get into a spot with said donk i 3bet his min raise and a flat call to steal the blinds and he min raises me again! not sure whether this is +ev mathematically but i know that if i spike a 3 im doubling up

this hand got me to the final table easily and the hard part was to finish in the top 5 for a cash.... footie manager then went off and i did a $5 50 man tourney to keep the boredom at bay, eventually i finished 2/50 in it for $50 losing with AJ to A6 all in pre flop...

anyways of course that tourney was not important in the scheme of things and eventually we get down to 6 players and the bubble, at this point one player sits out and we get 30 minutes before the short stack gets bounced.... now the strange part the player sitting out comes back and starts open shoving every hand!! no idea why he sat out and he had halved his stack but it looked like he would be eliminated soon and of course i get into a spot with him.

im still undecided on my play here, i knew he would shove any two cards and figured my ace was ahead but maybe ace 3 is not strong enough for this?

anyways it wasnt to matter much as he was out soon and i eventually finish 3rd for $640

to finish off the night i head back to the Omaha tables and win about $300 mainly due to this hand

the icing on the cake!

now to figure out how i split the cash, think 50/50 is too much for my dad as i was playing for 5 hours - what do you think?


Starlight Coast said...
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Starlight Coast said...

A 50/50 split is fair. You risked no money, you did not play it from start to finish, and all the risk vs reward was on Dad. Split it.

On who's bankroll are you playing $1/$2 NL Omaha cash games? Is it yours? You do not have anywhere near the bankroll to be playing $1/$2 NL Omaha cash games and if you continue you, Sir, are a train wreck in slow motion. You might as well just pick some of your loyal readers and split the money between us because sooner or later, youy are going to be broke playing these kinds of stakes with $1000.

Was it Dad's? If so, does he know your risking so much at these tables?

Daly said...

i played the omaha game on his account, this night and the night before i made sure i had won the buy-in before at a lower stake - so no risk to my dad, just risking my share of any profit,

and to be honest my dad wouldnt mind as long as he was happy that i wasnt playing drunk or tilted - he plays stupid stakes on his account all the time eg. £1-£2 NLH 6 max with only $400 in his account!

Starlight Coast said...

Hmmmm, like father like son at times, hey.

Daly said...

Lol you're not wrong mate, i try very very hard to contain the gambler inside me!

ROSSI said...

didnt realize the graphics/gameplay on football manager had gotten so good....gonna have to buy it!!

nice torny results

Gavin said...

V nice going mate. It's your Dad mate so I reckon you should offer the fella 50/50

Daly said...

yeah agreed 50/50 in the end!!

haha yeah 3d graphics, bit like sensi soccer, real addictive though not +EV for poker

Ben said...

Bloody hell mate that was an exciting story... with a happy ending!

Give him 50/50 - he's your dad for god sake :)

Anonymous said...

In the A3o hand, you should push if your going to play. By open limping with a very fragile hand such as A3o, you are giving him open license to put the pressure on you - why not put it on him first?