Saturday, 15 May 2010

Swap Stars for Full Tilt Money

can anyone help? tomorrow I will have $200 on stars and need to swap it for $200 on Full Tilt, i did have $330 to transfer but ive had a small upswing and im upto $800 in the bankroll so dont need to use it all!

if anyone is able to help with the transfer leave a comment and we'll sort something out.

did my first mtt's in a while today, bombed the $5 sydincate game coming 80ish/150 when i didnt believe the villan had an ace on a a75 flop, i held 8's but couldnt put the villain on a hand when we had a vp of 90 over over 30 hands!

two other tourneys where i came 14th in a 90 manner (5 off money) and 11th in a satelite, and yes it was top ten pay.

sigh plan to grind some cash today as mrs is out with daughters, may watch the cup final - play up pompey!!

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