Monday, 3 May 2010

Nice Start

Since the birth of my fourth daughter on Thursday I have had very little time to play, and seeing as im surviving on about 5-6 hours of broken sleep a night I have not been in optimal performance mode.

because of this I have played about 90 minutes of Omaha at the $25 level and normal type not Rush Poker!! I have been playing simply following the advice given from Jeff Hwangs Big Play book and the result has been a profit of $85 over 500 handsd, i'm really enjoying playing Omaha and its a nice break to be playing 6 tables tiled and not 16 tables stacked which gets a bit hectic.

plan moving forward is to stick to Omaha, squeezing in sessions when I can. If I feel good e.g. not tired or holding screaming baby Melina i'll get in the odd 1000+ hand sessions of holdem to get the Full Tilt Points and Rakeback benefits

bankroll moving up and now $835


United113 said...

congratulations on your new baby!

Gavin said...

Congrats mate. And good luck with the baby!

Neilc999/Knockoffneil said...

congrats dude, and good to see your back on track

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new arrival (update your profile BTW!)

I toyed with PLO at the start of the year but for some reason ditched it even though I was winning for a decent score. I might have to go back and grind some out as I loved the change of pace from hold'em

donnie said...

congrats on the new baby. wonderful news.