Thursday, 13 May 2010

Raise The River MTT Syndicate

as a nice change of pace i've signed up for a $5mtt syndicate on the RTR forum (link on the side) the basic idea is to play 6 $5 mtt's over the next 6 weeks and then pool any winnings to be split between the 8 of us, be very interesting to see if we turn a profit as $5 mtts can be a total donk fest, coupled with the fact that as they're to be played on Stars or Tilt we could play for 6 hours to win about $2 profit!

bit tired at the moment with the baby to commit to giving up 4-5 hours so looking at Saturday morning to play 1 or 2 tourneys depending on whats available

bankroll is looking good currently $690 but i have $330 coming in as some spare funds, this means if i can stay sensible and play full ring games i should be back to winning. currently im $120 up on NLH this month before rakeback, Omaha im about $20 up on full ring but minus $170 down as i lost that $200 heads up.

will get around to posting figures soon.

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JT said...

A new reader here. First of all, great blog! Syndicates have never worked for - you end up playing for hours and hours and winning little at the end. Congratulations on the birth of your 4th daughter!