Monday, 17 May 2010

Im Losing

since ive left and returned to Full Tilt im losing, just checked PTR and it says im $650 down which is pretty much consistent with my poker tracker stats. the most damning stat of all is that out of this loss $600 can be attributed to 25c/50c heads up Omaha.

luckily i've managed to find money from elsewhere through some staking wins and a bit of work on the side otherwise i would be back down at nano-stakes where on my current form i dont think i would ever return from them.

tomorrow my poker stars ban is lifted and i have roughly $330 on there, when I transfer that to my Full Tilt roll ill have the magic $1000 bankroll. when thats in effect ill have to get back to sensible playing, recording results and analysis

Ive self banned on Full Tilt to the weekend then my poker tracker stats will be filtered and ill be tracking from the onwards.

however im using the PTR widget on the side as motivation, i must be the only blogger who is losing!


Anonymous said...

Can I make a suggestion ... Stop playing heads up Omaha.


OhCaptain said...

I'm losing if I play Rush. Friggin' poker crack.

Starlight Coast said...

Are you a part of the premium Beta testing on PTR. one of my regular commenters was nice enough to get me involved in it. It relays a lot more information about your game. I have noticed a few areas where you may have leaks. The ironic thing is they are the same areas where I have been having some leaks. I can send you some screenshots via email and we can discuss it in a more private way if you wish. My email is