Sunday, 16 May 2010

Fake Player Scandal

or demented loon?

spotted a fairly weak player on a $100 headsup table so sat down, had a fairly normal match up but was down about $20 as villain could not fold any pair and i double barrell draw's which missed..anyways onto the crazy part, the villain had not said a thing over about 50 hands but suddenly after i called a raise with 6 10 suited and we both checked it down he showed two pairs aces and tens which he didnt bet and typed in "LOL now i know"... probabaly he was confirming his belief that im a donk :-)

anyway 2 hands later he completely gets it all wrong and is stacked as follows

the chat that follows is priceless!!

rigged-65: LOLK
fatmorpheous: thanks now i know
rigged-65: LOL
rigged-65: FT knew we had u pegged as a cheat
fatmorpheous: bottom pair lets gogogo 57 off LOLAMENTS
rigged-65: one more video tape to give to the regulators
fatmorpheous: regulators?
rigged-65: as soon as we knew u were a fake player we have been recording
fatmorpheous: fake player lolaments
rigged-65: now to give them further evidence we know u will leave site now
fatmorpheous: robot im a robot
rigged-65 (Observer): SEE
fatmorpheous: reload &&%%&
rigged-65 (Observer): All real players want to sit out on a rigged table
rigged-65 (Observer): that is how all you guys get caught
fatmorpheous: aliens FTW
rigged-65 (Observer): lets see the site just cheats for you at a table and you sit out
fatmorpheous: real players like you watch tables where people are sitting out
rigged-65 (Observer): just so you know we know what andy and chris are doing
fatmorpheous: how is it cheating when you call bets with 57 off and go all in with trips when i have a full house?
rigged-65 (Observer): it is just you guys are so stupid --- to pretend you are not a cheat it works better if you play like a real player
fatmorpheous: andy and chris are rimming your dad
rigged-65 (Observer): its called fake probability what is probability in HU of trips vs FH
rigged-65 (Observer): obviously FT uses the old setup hand method for their fake players
rigged-65 (Observer): one more sign on that they cant use so have andy and chris give you another sign on
fatmorpheous: yeah you were so unlucky to call $10 and $21 with 57 even though an ace and a jack were out
rigged-65 (Observer): didnt matter, FT was waiting for a bigger pot to change your hole cards
rigged-65 (Observer): HOW OBVIOUS
rigged-65: nice try
rigged-65: its funny how obvious you guys are
fatmorpheous (Observer): sorry cant rebuy, money has been shipped to nigeria
fatmorpheous (Observer): sorry
fatmorpheous (Observer): thanks for your money
rigged-65: so you will get FT shut down because how stupid you are
fatmorpheous (Observer): will buy balaclava and meat cleaver
fatmorpheous (Observer): BYE DUMBASS

i should of know better with a username of rigged-65!

bankroll $812


MicroRoller said...

LOL, it sounds like Matusow's brother.

Don't think that's his screenname though.

John said...

That will teach you...

Mental problems ftw

United113 said...

thats well funny

Mr Origami said...

lol wtf was all that about?