Sunday, 2 January 2011

Big Tourney Night

good start to the year so far, up about $60 and have also had an experiment running 24 tables of the 20-50bb tables where I can really farm some VPPS and I reckon I may have a chance of platinum star if I could log some long sessions at this.

anyways tonight is a mega mtt night so far im in the following

$200k guaranteed - iPoker ($320 buyin)
$40k guaranteed - Stars ($11)
$42 guaranteed - Full Tilt ($11)
$12.5k guaranteed - Stars ($22)
$60k guaranteed - Stars ($3r)
$2k guaranteed - ipoker ($22)
$4.5k guaranteed - ipoker ($5)

also added

$20k guaranteed - stars ($5)

obviously the $400 outlay is 40% of my bankroll but i have actually only registered for the $3k rebuy out of my bankroll, the rest are tourney tickets from bidibot or steps and the ipoker are under stakeage...

I will update with hopefully a huge bink!!

unregged from from full tilt and $3 rebuy, max 6 tables at once i think!

out of big $200k tourny couldnt fold KK on 789 flop villain had 79............

unregged from all tourneys now, will stick to the 4 i have running :-(#

out of $5 $20k had 99 on 10 high flop, knew he didnt have over pair but he did have A 10 - C*** so cant be arsed now

now opened up 2 cash tables to go alongside my two remaining stars tourneys

gonna cash in both (fingers crossed) fucked off the cash tables $6 down and about $50 under EV FML, AK losing to AQ for full stacks AIPF

estimated 1 hour till im pissed

yay cashed the $22 game, guaranteed $30 but im a steady 58/343 at the moment

got $72 for 97th in $22 game, will soon bust the other game for $27 as just open shoving as cant be arsed

will tally figs tomorrow

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