Monday, 17 January 2011


I had taken a break from the cash tables whilst i regained some confidence, i have been battered at the tables last week, almost half my bankroll lost - including a $100 tilt session at Omaha.

MTT night did not go well, I must of dusted of about 10 mtts without even one cash.

tonight i decided to dip my toe in the water, just a little heads-up...

about ten hands into my first game i lose with KJ on a Kxx flop when villain shoves with 9s which hits the turn.

he then types in "EZ GAME" and leaves the table.

i then lose a bit more to end up $72 down a quick check of my EV says i should of won $20

im getting killed on all ins. LOL EV

i've just redeposited some money which was needed as my bad run was so bad... it now means i am down for money the year already. in my figs below ive now addded in my share of the $335 cash win on ipoker as otherwise i just look so bad, and to be fair its money won at poker.

anyway the sick stats are here im about $380 on stars cash games, of the NLH games I am about $270 below EV - that cannot be right.

anyway, im back tomorrow, well behind platinum star pace so still to decide whether i am gonna hit the tables hard or ease myself back in.

HU $104.00
6-Max -$393.00
Full Ring -$30.00
Omaha -$76.00
Tourneys $85.00
Bonuses $90.00
Other Sites $168.00
Total -$52.00

Bankroll $900.00

Withdrawn -$48.00

Hours 33

$ per Hour -$6.67

VPP's 3672
Platinum Pace 4097

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